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Goodness you can smile about

“Goodness you can smile about”
Sun.Star Davao, June 6, 2015

There is no doubt that smiling is the best way to spread good vibes. Studies show that a smile instantly boosts your mood, decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, and makes you look oh-so-pretty!

“A healthy set of pearly whites has become synonymous to confidence and beauty”, says Karina Requillo, Human Nature Davao’s branch manager.

“With all these benefits, it’s not surprising that Filipinos brush their teeth religiously. Unfortunately, most synthetic toothpastes in the market contain chemicals that may harm your health”, she continues.

“Human Nature, the country’s largest genuinely natural personal care brand, brings you goodness you can smile about in its all-new Human Nature Natural Toothpaste”, shares Karina.

According to Karina, there are 3 reasons why you should switch to Human Nature Natural Toothpaste:

1. Get a genuinely healthy smile and fresher breath.

Human Nature Natural Toothpaste is powered by GreenMineral Plus, a natural formula with zinc citrate, calcium carbonate, fluoride, sesame seed oil, spearmint oil and peppermint oil. GreenMineral Plus helps fight plaque, tartar, and cavities while keeping your breath fresh naturally.

2. A toothpaste that’s safe for your family.

Unlike most toothpaste in the market, Human Nature Natural Toothpaste is 100% free from harmful chemicals. It contains no triclosan, no SLS, and propylene glycol.

Brushing your teeth is a pleasant experience with Human Nature. While most natural toothpastes taste unpleasant, Human Nature Natural Toothpaste was painstakingly developed in the Human Nature Natural Care Labs to be both free of harmful chemicals and great-tasting.

“After almost 3 years in development and over 100 prototypes, Human Nature’s Natural Toothpaste is a great achievement for Filipino scientists in creating a world-beating product”, Karina declares proudly.

In addition, Human Nature Natural Toothpaste is safe for children. It is recommended that for children below 6 years old, only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is needed for brushing, with adult supervision.

3. Kind on the planet.

Human Nature Natural Toothpaste takes care of planet Earth while keeping your smile bright. It is biodegradable and contains no plastic microbeads. Plastic microbeads are used in many personal care products as exfoliants and abrasives. Plastic microbeads are too small to be filtered out by wastewater treatment facilities, making them ocean and waterway pollutants.

Human Nature Natural Toothpaste is available at Human Natural branches, dealers, and via It is priced at only P149.75 (120g).

Human Nature Davao is at Plaza del Carmen, Loyola St., Bo. Obrero, Davao City.

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“Smile and the whole world smiles with you!”

Aside from their family, what are the top three things that can put the biggest smiles on these moms’ faces? Let’s find out!

Station Manager/Regional Production Head of Oomph Radio 97.1 and Viva Live
Communication Arts Professor at the University of Immaculate Conception
1.    Radio work! Production/doing voice overs
2.    Cooking
3.    Teaching

1.    Tea…refreshes me
2.    Exercise…it gives me energy
3.    Friends… they make me young

Actress/Commercial Model/Entrepreneur                       
1.    Hearing my sons get up and singing in the morning
2.    Dignity of work and helping others
3.    Losing weight
4.    My first cup of coffee (oooppsss…that’s four!)

Profession Head, Human Resources Department, Philsaga Mining Corp.
1997 Mutya ng Dabaw
1.    Hugs and kisses
2.    Great reads
3.    Silence and solitude

1.    Doing something nice for someone else or just helping those in need
2.    When someone says something simple but heartfelt like “I’m really happy to see you!”
3.    Hearing my favorite song

Housewife/Entrepreneur/Interior Design Enthusiast
1.    Good food
2.    Nice view
3.    Pretty dress

1.    Capturing a good photo
2.    When I recall something I forgot
3.    Remembering fond childhood memories

Customer Success, LinkedIn Singapore handling Southeast Asia (Singapore, Philippines and Thailand)
1.    Being with my family, esp. my kids
2.    Serving in church
3.    Being in Davao

Full-time housewife/Entrepreneur
1.    Super yummy food
2.    Killer shoes
3.    Saturday mornings wherein I can laze in bed till 8:00 a.m.

General Manager, Mamay Inn and Resort
2000 Mutya ng Dabaw
1.    Seeing the sunrise when I wake up
2.    Beauty of nature
3.    Cute little kittens and puppies

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