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Style sisters

“Style sisters”
Sun.Star Davao, Dec. 15, 2012

Young Cebuanas Jacklyn and Kryz Uy are two of the most dynamic style setters in the Philippines.

Jacklyn, 25, has a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) while Kryz, 22, graduated with honors from Ateneo de Manila University with a major in Communications Technology Management and minor in Enterprise Development.

Together with their equally posh 31-year old sister Diane Uy-Ang who has a Master’s degree in Industrial Economics from UA&P, the Uy sisters own and operate What A Girl Wants, a chain of fashion boutiques in the country.

Kryz’s phenomenal blog, “THIRSTYTHOUGHT”, is one of the top fashion blogs in the Philippines.

Let’s get to know more about the style sisters, Jack and Kryz, in this exclusive interview.

      How did your love for fashion begin?

Kryz: I’ve always loved it. When I was young, my family operated a few department stores around Cebu called Rosita’s, so all my family members would always know what’s in trend, and what style was a must-have for each season.  I grew up watching my mom, aunts and sisters look so chic and sophisticated, and I always wanted to emulate them. My love for fashion developed and strengthened when I studied in Paris for a semester back in 2008. I discovered what my personal style was, and learned so much about fashion and how it affects so much around us.

Jack: The first time I saw Audrey Hepburn, I was hooked. When I was younger I used to watch her movies over and over again. It didn’t matter what she was in, she was always gorgeous, and I just loved her style. I remember thinking - I can’t wait to grow up so I can go to Rome, chop off all my hair, and ride a Vespa around the city in a short sleeved polo and a long full skirt.

Who is your greatest fashion influence?

Kryz: My mom. She has always looked impeccable and has always dressed with effortless style and class. I want to look like her, even though she’s 30 years older than me!

Jack: Audrey Hepburn

What was it like growing up with a fashionable mom and sisters?

Kryz: It made me who I am- always looking for stylish pieces, experimenting with trends and knowing that fashion is not just about vanity, but making yourself feel good, allowing yourself to be creative and to express yourself with your style choices, and making a statement to the people around you, and respecting yourself and everyone around you by making the effort to look presentable.

Jack: It was great! There’s always someone there to help you on those days when your hair is a mess and absolutely nothing you put on looks good.

Whose idea was it to start “What a Girl Wants”? Please share your story.

Kryz and Jack: Our eldest sister, Diane, started it back in 2004. She was working in the corporate world, bored and unhappy about the lack of options for fashion in Cebu. She decided to open a small stall (shop in shop) in Ayala. The stall did pretty well and gained a large loyal following that the next year, Ayala offered her a space for her very own boutique.

Diane opened Ayala Cebu and LimKetKai CdO at the same time in December of 2005. In 2007, with the persuasion of WAGW customers to build a line for their boyfriends, Diane decided to open What A Girl Want’s for her MAN. That’s how it all started and now we are proudly at 9 stores (10 by Feb 2013) in the key cities of Manila, Cebu, Davao, CdO and soon in Bacolod. Plus, our online branch: is doing very well and tapping on the international market! Hopefully, that’s where we’re headed next!

What are your individual roles in the business?

Kryz and Jack: Diane is in charge of all the operations and finance. Jack is in charge of Marketing (photography, conceptualization, photography, direction, print, collaterals, etc.) and the online shop. I do Designing, Merchandising, Styling, Display and Digital Media efforts.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of working together at WAGW?

Kryz and Jack: As sisters, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and we play on them to get the maximum results. Luckily, we all have different skill sets, and together, we make a pretty good team!

What’s a typical day like?

Kryz: No day is typical! We’re always in meetings, events, in store, flying around, having photo shoots, etc.!

Jack: Most days we’re in front of our respective computers, typing away, when all of the sudden someone voices out a craving for coffee or cookies, and the next thing you know we’re all snacking and laughing about something hilarious that happened that week.

Kryz, how do you manage wearing different hats as a successful fashion blogger, creative director, businesswoman, stylist and product endorser?

It doesn’t seem like much work when you enjoy what you’re doing! I take things one at a time and try to maximize my day to fit in all these activities and people! I don’t look at it as a burden, or a set of “to do’s”, I’m actually very thankful for my blessed life and happy to be where I am with my family and friends beside me!

How are Dabawenyos responding to WAGW?

Positive! We’ve been getting good feedback about how different our brand is compared           to other labels, and how our style is very distinct and up to date. We couldn’t be happier!

Check out the style sisters’ blogs at and

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“What a Girl Wants launches Davao’s Young Ambassadors of Style”
Sun.Star Davao, Dec. 15, 2012

What a Girl Wants, every fashionista’s haven, recently launched its Young Ambassadors of Style for Davao.

The Young Ambassadors of Style is “an annual selection of the city’s fresh new faces and stunning style setters, individuals who epitomize the brand’s image of style, substance and youthful exuberance”.

Presented in the campaign’s debut are Davao’s eco-advocate Lorenzo Rabat, fashionable future doctor Milen Aquino and preppy aspiring dentist Ccia Ang.

Marianne Louise Aquino, or Milen, is a 20-year old BS Biology major who just recently graduated from De La Salle University. She aspires to become a successful doctor someday. Milen is a classic beauty which translates to her style – simple yet sophisticated. It’s no surprise that her style icon is Audrey Hepburn, whose delicate features are much like Milen’s. In her down time, she likes to do pilates, travel, dance and read.

Chelsea Marie Ang, or Ccia as her friends and family like to call her, is a 20-year old Dentistry student of Davao Medical School Foundation.  She dreams of putting up her own orthodontic practice as soon as she finishes dental school. Ccia’s style is simple and elegant, and like Milen, her style icon is Audrey Hepburn. When she isn’t too busy with school, Ccia enjoys spending time in the kitchen, cooking and “baking up a storm”. She also likes to cuddle up with a good book.

Lorenzo Leon Rabat, or Enzo for short is a 21-year old Civil Engineering Student at the De La Salle University who dreams of making the world a better place by promoting sustainable development. He wants to focus on green-building methods and technology to help preserve the Earth’s natural resources and contribute to the fight against global warming. A nature enthusiast, he loves going to the beach and mountains. Enzo’s personal style reflects his easygoing nature. His staples are his shorts and sunglasses, both essentials for the outdoorsy life he enjoys.

During the launch, WAGW’s Young Ambassadors of Style for Davao were featured wearing the brand’s holiday collection.

According to WAGW’s Creative Director Kryz Uy, “This collection brings about feelings of luxury and elegance juxtaposed with rawness and distressed modernity, making use of stunning brocades against laser cut leather, metallic spikes on elegant satin, heavy embellishments on figure skating spandex, giving the wearer a sense of refinement, excessiveness and class with today’s edge and sense of self-power.”

The ladies behind What A Girl Wants, the Uy sisters- Jacklyn, Kryz and founder Diane Uy-Ang - continue to stand behind their vision to satisfy the shopping needs of vibrant and edgy girls and boys ages 18 to 30 who exude street chic by providing them with a wide selection of apparel, bags, footwear and accessories to further emphasize their personal style. With new arrivals in limited pieces in store every Friday, collections are always up-to-date with current fashion trends.

From what started as a corner stall in Cebu in 2004, What A Girl Wants will have a total of 10 boutiques in the key cities of Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, Bacolod, and Metro Manila by February 2013.

WAGW is located at Abreeza Mall Davao and is open from 10am-9pm. Other branches can be found in in SM City Cebu, Ayala Center Cebu, SM Consolacion, LimKetKai Mall Cagayan De Oro (CDO), Centrio Mall CDO, and inside The Ramp Crossings in Trinoma, Shangrila, Glorietta.  To shop online, go to or

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