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Metro at Cinco: Healthier families just get better

 “Metro at Cinco: Healthier families just get better”
Sun.Star Davao, Oct. 7, 2017

Finding out that there is no available room when your loved one needs to be urgently confined in a hospital is an absolute nightmare for any parent.

In 2010, Davao City was hit by a dengue epidemic which caused a serious shortage of hospital beds. I’ve personally known of some families who let their kids stay in their homes monitored by a doctor or nurse as hospitals could no longer accommodate them during that crucial period.

It was also around this time that a group of health professionals and investors saw the need to meet Davao’s growing demands in quality health care. Thus, in 2012, the Metro Davao Medical and Research Center, Inc. (MDMRCI) or more popularly known in Davao City as Metro Hospital, opened its outpatient clinic and services to the public. These included the Laboratory, Diagnostic Radiology Imaging Center, Cardiovascular and Neurology Unit, and Pharmacy.

In 2013, Metro began operating its eight-story modern hospital. It offered a comprehensive range of medical and paramedical services aside from being a clinical research center. 

Family-friendly hospital

Five years later, Metro has become one of Davao’s most reliable family-friendly hospitals with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and the home of competent doctors and staff, not to mention its accessible location and convenient parking area.

The 135-bed Metro Hospital is Department of Health (DOH) and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Phil Health) accredited, and boasts of “bigger rooms and wider beds”, plus its no surcharge and no holiday rates advantage.

Metro Hospital has a naturally-ventilated building which is very welcome news for patients and hospital visitors (especially the elderly and children) as good ventilation and adequate sunlight lessens the risk of infection. In addition, special units are maintained by positive and negative air pressure ventilation.

Advocating healthy lifestyle

“Metro Hospital refers to its outpatient building as “Health Science and Wellness Center,” mainly because they want the hospital and medical center to be an advocate of healthy living, apart from providing treatment to the sick”, says Metro Hospital Chief of Clinics Dr. Jett Lu.
MDMRC Hospital Chief of Clinics, Dr. Jett Lu 
“What makes the facility different from others is that it provides proper guidance to people to help them attain a healthy lifestyle. The center prides itself with doctors specializing in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, hair and scalp diseases–hair transplant and restoration, gynecologic oncology, sleep medicine, hematology, and other specialties of different clinical departments”, he elaborates.

“There is a total of 109 clinics covering majority of the subspecialties.  Included in this center are a spa, diabetes center, weight management, hearing center, reading, occupational and developmental therapy, dialysis center, and rehabilitation center”, adds Dr. Lu.

Health care with a heart

Committed to provide excellent healthcare services to its patients, the dedicated people behind Metro Hospital proudly assure that they offer “Health Care with a Heart”.

“The Diabetes Ambulatory Care and Wellness Center does not just give treatment to people with diabetes. They also have counseling to the families and relatives of the patient for them to fully understand the situation and bearings of the patient”, details Dr. Lu.  

In addition, Metro Hospital’s Cancer Center is one of the hospital’s premier centers. “We know cancer treatment is expensive.  A day-stay at the Cancer Center is thus provided in Metro, where patients need not be admitted to undergo chemotherapy, transfusions and infusions”, cites Dr. Lu. 

“Highly skilled and compassionate staff man each cubicle of the unit to provide all the special needs of cancer patients from diagnostic, therapeutic, counseling and support as we win them back to health in a sterile and friendly environment.  All our adult and pediatric oncologists, hematologists and immunologists have been trained overseas”, Dr. Lu shares.

Metro at Cinco

Metro Hospital recently commemorated its 5th year anniversary celebration with the theme, “Metro @ Cinco, High Five! Healthier Families Just Got Better”, at the Davao Convention and Trade Center.

The affair was an unforgettable gathering of Metro Hospital’s doctors, medical staff, and personnel to celebrate the institution’s continued success for the past five years. Doctors Lara Torno, Jessie Orcasitas, and Mae Gallardo acted as the evening’s engaging hosts.
The evening’s hosts: (L-R) Dr. Lara Torno, Dr. Jessie Orcasitas, Dr. Mae Gallardo

Mrs. Lelen Valderrama, Assistant Hospital Administrator (Second from left) 
enjoys the photo booth with the hospital staff.
(L-R) Quality Control Head Althea Robins-Lorenzo; Chief Nurse Deborah Juliet Omran; HR Director Jill Dailisan; Infection Control Nurse Monica Ysulat; Nursing Service Training Officer Sheila Mae Pacalda
(L to R) Dr. Cookie Bolcan, Dr. Maya Taojo, Dr. Honey Abarquez (standing), Dr. Chanille Go-Herrera, 
Dr. Mae Gallardo, Dr. Sherria Ann Lu, Dr. Rommel Bernardo
Instead of inviting a high-profile personality to deliver the Guest Speaker address, Alex Bacus, one of the hospital’s first security employees was bestowed this prestigious honor. Another pioneering ER nurse, Zyril John Navaja, extended his well wishes to the crowd.
A break from tradition, one of the hospital’s first security employees Mr. Alex Bacus 
gives his address as the Guest Speaker.

Mr. Zyril John Navaja, Pioneering ER Nurse gives his well wishes for the crowd.
Medical Director Dr. Yvette Yenco-Tan and Hospital Administrator Dr. Linell Malimbag likewise delivered their respective messages during the joyful occasion.
A message from the Medical Director, Dr. Yvette Yenco-Tan
Hospital Administrator Dr. Linell Malimbag delivers her inspiring anniversary message
 and shares her big plans for the institution.

The hospital’s “Topnotcher Physicians” were given special recognition and cash gifts by Metro Hospital Board of Director Geoffrey Yenco as well.

Ob-Gyne Department Topnotchers receive the traditional “Ang Pao”; (L-R) Dr. Jessie Orcasitas, 
Dr. Maya Taojo, Dr. Ailyne Gerona, Board of Director Geoffrey Yenco

A big high five to Metro Hospital for giving Dabawenyo families quality health care for the past five years!

We share photos of this happy milestone by Ariel Yanong of Blank Pixels.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters = Perfect Partnership

“Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters = Perfect Partnership”
Sun.Star Davao, September 23, 2017

Back in the day when malls were unheard of in Davao, our family’s go-to place for grocery and department store finds was a one level shopping hub.

At 8 years old, I would excitedly accompany my mom to Felcris (Sales branch) while she did her grocery. Before leaving, I would longingly gaze at the endearing Sanrio items on display. The Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars memorabilia perpetually looked oh-so-enticing but, alas, I was not allowed to buy them, save during a few special occasions.

During the unforgettable ‘I-hit-the-jackpot’ moments when receiving these lovable characters as birthday or Christmas gifts, I would carefully and proudly line them up inside my glass cabinet at home with my other precious Sanrio loot.

Now, that I’m in my 40s, imagine my delight when I heard that one of my favorite skin-caring makeup brands, Happy Skin, and Sanrio have collaborated to bring some of our most beloved pop culture icons to life through makeup.

Gift of happiness

“Sanrio brings back childhood memories to adult women. The brand has been present for almost 40 years in the Philippines. So many Filipinas grew up having Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars as part of their everyday lives”, shares Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo in a press statement.

“There are a hundred ways to have Sanrio characters in your life—through stationery, stuffed toys, little accessories and even clothes and bags—and finally now through Happy Skin, Sanrio’s first local cosmetics partner in the Philippines”, Rissa continues.

On the other hand, Happy Skin co-founder Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez enthuses that “just like how Happy Skin spreads happiness through makeup that cares for the skin, Sanrio is also very much founded on the idea of giving gifts that bring the biggest smiles—perfect for the holidays!”.

“Sanrio has always believed that a small gift can bring happiness and friendship to people of all ages. It’s the foundation of what they do. “And, happiness is also at the core of the Happy Skin brand!”, attests Rissa.

Perfect partnership

Did you know that the Philippines was actually the first country to carry Sanrio products outside Japan? No wonder Filipinos have the longest love affair with Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars which makes this collaboration with Happy Skin the perfect partnership!

“Sanrio has some of the most passionate fans, so we really wanted to do right by these iconic and best-loved characters”, divulges Jacqe.

With an array of 23 different products for the face, lips, and nails, the Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters is Happy Skin’s biggest collection to date.
Lippie sets take the shape of hearts and stars as a homage to the characters while the colors of the blush powders, sponges, gel polish, and lippies echo the characters’ unique color palettes. In addition, even the shade names were selected based on each character’s personality and interests.

This holiday season, give the gift of happiness or better yet, indulge and treat yourself to one of the finest skin-caring makeup with Happy Skin and Sanrio!

In Davao City, the Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters is exclusive to Chimes Boutiques along Gov. Sales St.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Up, up and away, Supermoms!

 “Up, up and away, Supermoms!”
Sun.Star Davao, September 9, 2017

Supermoms, it’s time to tune in to the first-of-its-kind Philippine radio station!
With niche programming for mothers and women and supported by dads, families as well as communities all over the archipelago, multi-awarded Mom’s Radio on the FM band is operated by Southern Broadcasting Network.
It is broadcasted in five key provinces, namely, Davao (DXSS 97.9), Cebu (DYAP 88.3), Bacolod (DYCP 90.3), Laoag (DWSN 97.9) and Vigan (DWIS 98.9).
“The radio station has been around for a while but went on hiatus for a few years until its awakening last year”, says Dennis “Big D” Poliquit who has over 20 years of experience in radio and is a proud dad of five kids, with two sets of twins. His show, “Man of the House” with co-host Benjie Cotaoco, airs from Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 3:00 p.m.

Dennis Poliquit
Benjie Cotaoco   
Intentional parenting

Joining the daddies is “Mommy Georgia” or Georgia Cotaoco with her morning show “Breakfast with Moms” every Monday to Friday, 7am-9am. She considers being a devoted mom to her two sons as one of her life’s passions. Together with her husband Benjie, they advocate intentional parenting by inculcating values that please God.

Georgia Cotaoco
But, that’s not all what Mom’s Radio has in store for mommies. Open to moms, soon-to-be moms, single moms and those who assumed the roles of a mom in the family, the station has also organized the Supermoms Club, a “gathering of like-minded women who aim to equip and empower women, especially moms”.

“Many moms just try to wing it being a mom. But, we want to let other moms know that there are also other moms going through what they are going through. They are not alone. We give information on how to care for themselves and their families through the radio shows and the Supermoms Club”, explains Mommy Georgia.

“In addition, we give attention to marriage as well, including how to raise kids together. We know the family is being attacked and we need to protect the basic unit of society by reiterating the importance of marriage, intentional parenting and the family”, she details.

Other Supermoms Club projects include medical missions, feeding programs, school supplies’ donations, free medical checkup and pampering for mommies, among others.

Supermoms Club Davao

Recently, the first ever Supermoms Club Davao officers were inducted during Mom’s Radio’s Roadshow held at SM City Davao.

Heading the Supermoms Club-Davao Chapter is president Joey Sy-Domingo, one of Davao’s premier voice talents and professional hosts. The dynamic mom of one believes that “empowering moms is of prime importance because mothers are such influential role models for their children”.

Joey Sy-Domingo
On the other hand, the club’s vice president is former Mutya ng Davao Leah May Luna. “I always love to get involved with organizations that aim to empower women, that's why I joined the Supermoms Club”, quips the mom of three, freelance host and model.
Leah May Luna

Although not a mom yet, Ana Caguiat is the club’s Secretary General. She has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years who has the “the passion for arts and crafts. I love what I do, I do what I love. And, I share what I know to encourage others to pursue their passion”. And this is what she exactly did, during the station’s roadshow by demonstrating how to make handmade products such as plushies, masks and hair accessories, and turn this hobby into a profitable business.
Ana Caguiat

Single mom, breast cancer warrior and former OFW Agnes Luna acts as the club’s secretary. “I joined the club because I believe in its advocacy of empowering women, not only as being a mom, but to embrace our own unique abilities and to be an inspiration to others”, the professional makeup artist reveals.

Agnes Luna

Meanwhile, Rayanne Patiño-Arao holds the position of treasurer. She is a mom of two who is active in event organizing, promotions and tourism development.
Rayanne Patiño-Arao
And, finally, Supermoms Club P.R.O. Janet Sy-Tancontian is the supportive mom of 29th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games judo bronze medalist Sydney Sy Tancontian and multi-awarded Philippine team judo athlete Chino Sy Tancontian.

Janet Sy-Tancontian
“I joined Supermoms club to help other parents get their kids to enter sports. I hope to inspire children to come out of their youth sports experience a winner; feeling good about themselves; and having a healthy attitude towards sports”, Janet relates.

Soar high with these power moms as they roll out their delightfully action-packed and enlightening activities in collaboration with Mom’s Radio.

Up, up and away, Supermoms!
For more information, like Mom’s Radio and Supermoms Club – Davao on their Facebook pages.
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