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GSP Davao remains as Outstanding Council

“GSP Davao remains as Outstanding Council”
Sun.Star Davao, Sept. 22, 2018

The Girl Scouts of the Philippines Davao Council Eastern Mindanao Region recently held its Annual Council Conference and Awards Ceremony at the Pinnacle Hotel.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Binelda Sunga, council president for triennium 2015-2018, it was proudly announced during the well-attended event that the “GSP Davao Council maintained its status as one of the Outstanding Councils in the Philippines with exemplary achievements and services, all geared towards the pursuit of the GSP Mission and Vision”.

Former GSP Davao Council president and current Vice President for International Participation, Mrs. Binelda Sunga, with daughter Councilor Mabel Sunga-Acosta who is also part of the board for this triennium. 
“Our good partnership and support that made us what we are now is due to our Volunteer Leaders composed of the Functional Board, Trainers, Camping Persons, District Commissioners, Heads of the Private Schools, Principals, District Committees, District Field Advisers, Barangay Girl Scout Committees, Troop Leaders, Troops, Department of Education Schools Division Superintendent Maria Ines Asuncion, and of course, the hardworking professional staff”, shares Mrs. Sunga gratefully.
Below: The GSP Davao Council staff
At the conference, Commissioner for Program Laura Elmido discussed the evaluation of the districts’ and schools’ accomplishments against set goals. This was followed by the presentation of conference awards to deserving GSP stakeholders such as Outstanding National Magic Spot Project Award for Junior Troop No. 2416, “Girl Scout Power Troop” of Quezon E/S, Piedad District; and the Pilar Hidalgo Lim Troop Achievement Award (Finalist) for Junior Girl Scouts Troop No. 946, Birds of Paradise Troop of Mahayag E/S, Bunawan District.
MAGIC SPOT. Junior Troop No. 2416, “Girl Scout Power Troop” of Quezon E/S, Piedad District, receives the Outstanding National Magic Spot Project Award for “undertaking a cleanliness and beautification project in its community by enabling the participation and cooperation of the community members at Purok 2 Daliaon Plantation, Toril, Davao City”.
PILAR HIDALGO LIM AWARD (FINALIST).   PILAR HIDALGO LIM AWARD (FINALIST). The Pilar Hidalgo Lim Troop Achievement Award (Finalist) is given to the Junior Girl Scouts Troop No. 946, Birds of Paradise Troop of Mahayag E/S, Bunawan District.

Among the individual awardees were Davao Council Executive Teresita Pia who bagged the prestigious World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts’ (International) Leadership Award for “standing out as a role model, having acquired a high level of self-development that enabled her to provide quality Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting within and outside the organization”.

Also awarded were public school teacher Rosalinda Rubia for Outstanding Troop Leader (National); and Cadet Girl Scout Michelle Angela Ucab for Outstanding Girl Scout (National). Both leadership awardees received travel grants to international events.
NATIONAL OUTSTANDING TROOP LEADER. Public school teacher Rosalinda Rubia is cited for being a National Outstanding Troop Leader. 

NATIONAL OUTSTANDING GIRL SCOUT. Cadet Girl Scout Michelle Angela Ucab is among the National Outstanding Girl Scout Awardees. 

TOP PERFORMING DISTRICT. Tibungco District earns the distinction of being the Top Performing District by the GSP Eastern Mindanao Region Davao Girl Scout Council for 2017-2018.
On the other hand, retired judge, Hon. Virginia Europa, was recognized for being the GSP’s Individual Citation Award (National) for Triennium 2015-2018.

Taking on the challenge as the Council president for the new triennium (2018-2021) is Dr. Gloria Labor joined by other dynamic Council Board officers who include Evangeline Cedeno, Vice President (VP) for Field; Binelda Sunga, VP for International Participation; Charita Puentespina, VP for Fund Development; Marina Mesina, Secretary; Donna Sollano, Asst. Secretary; Corazon Costan, Treasurer; Enriqueta Abanilla, Asst. Treasurer; Judge Loida Kahulugan, Auditor; among others.         

GSP Davao Council president  for triennium 2018-2021 Dr. Gloria Rabor

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Palengke Boy: The family's digital wet market buddy

“Palengke Boy: The family’s digital wet market buddy”
Sun.Star Davao, September 8, 2018

Ever craved for home-cooked fresh shrimps for dinner but, alas, a visit to the wet market is out of the way? Or, did your vegetable and meat supplies run out in the middle of the week, so you end up splurging at the grocery because a trip to Bankerohan, Davao’s largest public market, can be such a hassle?

Palengke Boy’s proprietor Hanz Concepcion (center) shares that after its launch last July in Davao City, downloads on its Android app have reached more than a thousand. Joining him in this worthwhile endeavor are seasoned website, mobile app and POS developers Francis Adan (left) and Ariz Gayorgor (right). 

Digital bayong
Palengke Boy’s digital palengke store hours are from 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday, with deliveries up to 9:00 pm.

I typically use the Palengke Boy Android app after my kids leave for school right before 7:00 a.m.

Conveniently divided into different sections such as meat, seafood, fruit, spices, vegetable, and others (e.g., lumpia wrapper, fresh mami, cooking oil, rice, and egg), Palengke Boy offers a cornucopia of choices from each section just like navigating through the wet market myself, sans the traffic and heavy baskets. 
It only takes me between 5 and 10 minutes from the time I place my order to the time I check out my digital bayong. Options for payment include cash on delivery and bank transfers through BPI, BDO and Metrobank. 
Regular updates regarding the status of the orders are sent through text message and e-mail to the customers. 

100% fresh at wet market prices
“Our market purchasers are moms and dads who have ample experience in dealing with real wet market scenarios, specifically in ensuring quality and right weight”, assures Hans.
“Palengke Boy’s prices are at par with Bankerohan market prices because it does not keep goods for inventory, hence, the market directly dictates the price. Secondly, wet market landscapes will tell you that there are places where goods can be bought directly, so we get each category in specific places”, he explains.
 Although perfecting a system that is new can be a heart-pounding exercise, Hans feels very fulfilled when he and his team receive touching messages from grateful stay-at-home moms who have no yayas; children who can now do marketing for their old folks even if they are out of the country; and satisfied customers who appreciate the additional savings and convenience because of the efficient service. 
 “The excitement that this project has brought to many Dabawenyos has been very inspiring. We are continuously passionate about making our customers win. To those who have already been using the site and the app, thank you very much, you all had been a wonderful encouragement to a lot of people behind the name! God willing, Palengke Boy will be able to open all over the country at one area every 6 months starting January of next year”, shares Hans with pride.
 Certainly, Palengke Boy does not only deliver a digital bayong brimming with our household’s much-needed supplies at just a click away but more importantly, the luxury of enjoying memorable family meals that spell quality time.
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