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Raising generation next

 “Raising generation next”
Sun.Star Davao, June 2, 2018

When you are born with the proverbial silver spoon and belong to the millennial generation with easy access to technology and information, how do you avoid feeling entitled?

For Eleanore Lee Teo, author of the new book "Raising Heirs: Of the Spoiled and Entitled Second Generation---And Why We're Still Your Only Hope", she credits her grandparents for setting a good example by being two of the most humble people she knows.

RAISING HEIRS: OF THE SPOILED AND ENTITLED SECOND GENERATION---AND WHY WE’RE STILL YOUR ONLY HOPE” is the first book of young author and mom Eleanore Lee Teo.  It attempts to answer the question, “How do you raise a selfless generation in a self-entitled world?”.
“They never felt that any task was beneath them or that anyone was in a lower position than them. As I grew older, I saw the great relationships they had formed with others and how well respected they were and I realized that was how I wanted to live my life as well”, she declares.

“Entitlement, by definition, is feeling that you deserve some kind of special treatment. I think I actually grew up feeling quite entitled until I was old enough to see that I had no right to be. I wish I had fixed myself earlier on, but I guess mistakes are necessary and they force us to grow up”, admits the only daughter and middle child of Edward Lee, the chairman and founder of COL Financial Group, Inc., the leading online stock brokerage firm in the Philippines.

DADDY’S GIRL. Eleanore is the only daughter and middle child of Edward Lee, the chairman and founder of COL Financial Group, Inc., the leading online stock brokerage firm in the Philippines.
Despite his dad’s mega success, Eleanore observed that he remained an extremely simple person in terms of his lifestyle. “So, there was nothing fancy or glamorous about how we were raised”. In fact, Mr. Lee always made it a point to spend time with his three children even with his packed schedule.

“I grew up sharing his love for the business because he never acted like family and work were mutually exclusive from one another. He was never ashamed to bring us along and patiently answered every single question we ever had when we were young, which was quite a feat given how busy he was”, intimates Eleanore.

Blessing and curse

Now, at thirty-three years old, the millennial (or Generation X, born between 1981-1994) mom feels that her generation is blessed to be able to have access to information and technology at their fingertips. “This has opened up so many possibilities including the option to now work from home, supplement our parenting methods, and travel more frequently”, the Ateneo de Manila University AB Communication graduate reveals.

However, Eleanore notices that the advancements in technology have both become a blessing and a curse because it breeds “impatience and lack of tolerance”.

THE MOTHER SHOW. Eleanore promotes her book on Magic 89.9’s “The Mother Show” with hosts Andi Manzano-Reyes, Riki Flores-Reyes and Delamar Arias
“We’ve been so used to instant gratification that we can’t stand to wait for anything nowadays. If we don’t get our answers or if we don’t get what we want now, we immediately consider the system faulty or defective and we use social media to magnify our complaints”, the former student disc jockey points out.

FQ MOM. Speaker, author and contributor Rose Fres Fausto poses with Eleanore at the book launch
More so with Generation Z, or those born after 1994, who “thrive on acceleration and next, next, next”. But, wait, there’s a new “kid” in town. Enter, Generation Alpha or anyone born after 2010.

“Generation Alpha is supposedly the label for all children born in the 21st century and they have been characterized as the most technologically enhanced generation that is fully digital, mobile and used to instantaneous reactions. It is noted that the first babysitter of most Alphas will have been iPads”, relates the Kerygma contributing writer.

BRO. BO. With best-selling author, entrepreneur and Catholic lay preacher and minister Bo Sanchez during the “Raising Heirs” book launch at the Manila House Private Members Club
“Since I am still learning how to parent my six and three-year-old kids, I don't have the right to really give specific advice in terms of raising this new generation but do feel that proper communication with them is now more important than ever. They can become influenced by so many mediums now that we must make sure they are aware that if they ever have a question, they can always turn to their parents rather than their tablets”, underscores the young mom.

Leading by example

The main message of her debut book “Raising Heirs” is for parents “to take responsibility for our children”.

Eleanore details that the book speaks to three different audiences - the first deals with those who are still working their way to find their personal success. “I explain how it can sometimes become easy to neglect family in the process because we're so busy trying to build our businesses or our careers but nonetheless, as early as possible, we need to think about succession and how we can share the journey with our children”, explains the Marketing and Operations Managing Director of the Caylum Trading Institute.

“Eventually, it directs its message to the second generation as it talks about why we cannot constantly use our privileges to shortcut our way to success and why adversity is a necessity. The final part of the book then is a plea to parents to develop lasting, deep bonds with their children by giving the time, effort and understanding needed to strengthen them”, she describes.

Royce and Eleanore Teo with their adorable kids Eloise and Ramsey
“My husband Royce pretty much had to earn everything on his own the moment that he graduated from college. His parents raised all seven of their kids to become self-sufficient and independent because they weren't as well off as many of their other peers, but they were taught the value of hard work and the importance of family. Those are two of the major principles in life that I wanted our kids to grow up with and since I emphasize in the book the significance of leading by example, I knew that my kids would have their dad to serve as exactly that”, Eleanore beams with pride.

“My goal is to raise responsible, happy and morally upright individuals. They may not grow up to be part of the world's wealthiest but with the right attitude, habits, and values, I am confident that they'll get by well enough”, enthuses Eleanore.

Raising Heirs: Of The Spoiled and Entitled Second Generation---And Why We’re Still Your Only Hope” is available at National Bookstore and online at for an SRP of P350.00.

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Hats off to Jillianne! A Madeline-themed 8th birthday

Hats off to Jillianne!
A Madeline-themed 8th birthday
Sun.Star Davao, May 19, 2018

"In an old house in Paris
That was covered in vines
Lived twelve little girls
In two straight lines
They left the house at half past nine
The smallest one was Madeline”

Whether reading the well-loved book or watching the hit TV series, this fascinating rhyme never fails to greet the loyal followers of the endearing Madeline.

Madeline is a popular series originally created by author and artist Ludwig Bemelmans in 1939. It is a whimsical tale of the 7-year old Madeline who attends boarding school in Paris along with eleven other girls under the tutelage of Miss Clavel.

In Davao, count the Abadilla siblings, Jamie Ailianne and Jillianne Christalle, as among the spunky Madeline’s avid fans.

TEAM ABADILLA. Christian and Aileen Abadilla with daughters Jamie Ailianne (in yellow) and Jillianne Christalle (in blue) who are huge fans of Madeline. 

“Since my 10-year old Jamie has Turner Syndrome and is quite conscious of being petite, I wanted to show her how the smallest girl out of the twelve girls in two straight lines, Madeline, was the bravest and most caring of all. One episode led to a series of episodes that my daughters and I would watch every day. We also enjoyed learning bits of French and liked the songs that Madeline and her friends would sing and of course, loved their adorable uniforms”, shares Mommy Aileen “T-one” Brigole-Abadilla.

“That’s why when Jilly requested that her 8th birthday theme be Madeline, I did not hesitate to conceptualize, design and style her party”, smiles the crafty Singapore-based mom who is likewise a hobby-based event stylist with her “Pretty Little Party Davao”.

C'est magnifique!


Donning their Madeline-inspired hats and capes (a gracious gift from Mommy Aileen), the eager little guests were “welcomed” by the delightful standees of Madeline and Friends, Miss Clavel and even Genevieve, the dog.

The marvelous dessert table splendidly showcased the two-tier Madeline fondant cake by Jackie Martinez’s Crafty Cakes and Cupcakes. Madeline and Genevieve, the Eiffel Tower, old-fashioned French shop houses and of course, “the old house in Paris that was covered with vines” fittingly adorned the piece de resistance.

Adding a classy touch to the too-pretty-to-eat sweets spread were Madeline’s hats as cake pops and capes as sugar cookies; Jillianne-monogrammed cookies; and mini cakes with Madeline toppers creatively displayed on red, blue gingham and turquoise suitcases as dessert stands.

Pretty little party

Party host Jymmez Infiesto of Bonjee Entertainment expertly entertained the special guests with a thrilling “Pass the Madeline Dolls” game and even conducted an enlightening basic French session while Mommy T-one facilitated an exciting online game for adults called “Kahoot”, cleverly testing the guests’ knowledge with Jillianne-related trivia.

Jamie and Jilly’s energetic dance numbers, “Good Time” by Owl City and “Better When I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor, and the catchy song presentation by the musically-gifted Team Abadilla composed of Mommy T-one, Daddy Ian, Jamie and Jilly were well-applauded by all. In addition, Cyrus, the magician, mesmerized the audience with his spellbinding tricks and illusions.

For giveaways, boys were presented with house-shaped boxes while girls brought home dainty Madeline dolls. And, since it was Mother’s Day on the day of Jilly’s party, mommies were treated with their very own custom-made Madeline hat boxes, a thoughtful surprise from the Abadillas.

Before enjoying the sumptuous dinner, Jilly and her friends recited Madeline’s favorite prayer before meals: “We love our bread, we love our butter. But, most of all, we love each other!”

Truly, with the outpouring of love showered by family and friends, Jilly could not ask for anything more on her 8th birthday.

Hats off to Jilly!

Follow Pretty Little Party Davao on Facebook and Instagram @prettylittlepartydvo. Special thanks to Ms. Jojie Alcantara for the party photos.

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My Home Kitchen by Shane Lim

 “My Home Kitchen by Shane Lim”
Sun.Star Davao, May 7, 2018

Growing up with a mom who loved to prepare feasts every chance she got, it was no surprise that the culinary bug bit Shane Maglente-Lim.

“I would always insist on preparing the sweets, desserts, and the cherry on top of the cake. With my husband’s cooking skills, support and encouragement, I learned to whip up dishes from scratch”, says the amiable Shane who is happily married to businessman Michael Ryan Lim.

Eventually, the 34-year old Shane enrolled in a culinary program to enhance her cooking and baking skills and attended a master’s class in Bangkok with Chef Antonio Bachour. 

Although she was busy helping with the family business selling tires, car batteries and auto supplies since her college days, she felt that her passion for cooking and baking needed to find a creative outlet. Hence, she opened Miko’s Brew which currently has branches in Davao and Tagum City.

“Miko’s Brew was our first humble beginning and we eventually ventured into franchising as well”, she shares.

Heart of the home

These days, Shane is making a buzz in Davao with My Home Kitchen.

“I put up a small gathering for family and friends where I prepared everything: starters, main course and desserts. The guests loved what I prepared and clamored for my homemade roasted turkey and pastries. Then, simply by word of mouth, other people started ordering not only during the holidays but for other occasions as well. This gave me the inspiration to come up with My Home Kitchen”, intimates the lovely mom of four.


Nowadays, Shane is not only known for her decadent desserts, and savory dips, spreads, and pates, but for her stylish grazing table/cart which is always a hit in parties.

For the uninitiated, a grazing table/cart is that elegantly-styled smorgasbord of fine cheeses, cured meat, assorted nuts, dried fruits, crackers, toast, jams, spreads, dips, honey, olives, crostini, caprese, toast, seasonal garnishes and even chocolates and desserts.

This cannot-be-missed spread is always a welcome and lavish addition to any party and becomes the center of attention in most events.

“The cart either comes in gold or black and is good for 60 persons. I can also personalize the menu to suit the client’s taste”, explains Shane who was born and raised in Tagum City.

My Home Kitchen also offers their Signature Drink and Dessert Stations which include styling and decor with your choice of non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks and preferred sweets.

In addition, it has recently introduced their Melt Station that serves to-die-for Cheese Raclette and Fondue.

Mother’s Day collection

This Mother’s Day, My Home Kitchen rolls out fabulous treats for the most important woman in our lives.

“We have the Surprise Cake (PhP 4,500), our pink velvet 8-inch tall cake with homemade strawberry jam and buttercream. It is filled with Mama and Mommy candies and sprinkles and topped off with an Ecuadorian rose and gypsophila, Belgian chocolate, macarons, strawberries, meringue kisses and 24-karat gold leaf”, Shane describes.

My Home Kitchen likewise has its Strawberry Luxe Box with two sizes (PhP 1,800, small-12 pcs. and PhP 4,500, big-30 pcs.). Luscious strawberries are dipped in the chocolate of your choice and garnished with a 24-karat gold leaf.

Meanwhile, the super trendy Mom’s Letter Stack Cake (PhP 2,800) is a personalized 
Pistachio-based cake (you can use the first letter of your mom’s name). “It has premium chocolates, strawberries, fresh flowers and anything pretty we can put on top”, details Shane.

On the other hand, the Charcuterie/Grazing Box (PhP 3,800) is the perfect gift box not only for your mom but for the family as well. It is good for 3-5 persons and boasts of various premium ham and cheeses, imported nuts, dried fruits, crackers, fresh fruits, a bottle of spread/dip, olives, pickles and assorted chocolate.

“Most of our products need a lead time of two days. So, please order in advance and check out our website at or follow us on Instagram: myhomekitchen_dvo”, reminds Shane.

Shane excitedly reveals that My Home Kitchen now accepts payments through PayPal. It also delivers for a hassle-free Mother’s Day gift-giving experience.

“Dabawenyos are definitely foodies. It warms my heart that people request for my new products. For now, I just hope to keep at it and deliver them a taste of My Home Kitchen. Since this is just a hobby and I do it in my personal kitchen, I will take it one step at a time. However, soon, we will have a physical store”, concludes the phenomenal queen of her very own kitchen.

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