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Vision in white

“Vision in white”
Sun.Star Davao, Dec. 29, 2012

The dashing Capt. Marvin Inocencio proposed marriage to the love of his life, Joy Frances, not only once but three times.

The first wedding proposal happened years ago when they were celebrating New Year’s Eve outside Joy’s family home. As they watched the motorcycles pass by raucously dragging tin cans (Davao City has an existing firecracker ban), Marvin suddenly asked, “Will you marry me?”.

The surprise suddenly made Joy hesitant. After all, she was only 22 years old with a promising career as an area manager for a pharmaceutical company. She was also still enjoying their 4th month as sweethearts. But, Marvin assured Joy that he was absolutely certain about his feelings and intentions for her.

“Marvin explained that why should we wait a long time when he was convinced that I would be the perfect wife and mother of his future kids?”, Joy recalls, this time, with amusement. By Marvin’s constant prodding, Joy finally relented and said “yes”.

More precious than diamonds

A few months after, while on a visit to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Baguio, the couple dropped by the famed Kissing Rock.  It was here that the young soldier gave his PMA bull ring marking his second marriage proposal.

This time, Marvin told Joy that no diamond can ever equal the four years of hardship he endured at PMA to earn his degree. The Pangasinan-born Marvin graduated cum laude and graduated 8th in his batch. The bride-to-be was speechless and moved to tears. That same year, Marvin and Joy had their civil wedding.

During their 6-year marriage, Joy was a hands-on mom to daughter Francesca Alexandra or Lexi while running a successful business, Party Fanatics and DIY Party Balloons and Party Supplies. Joy also owned a jewelry business which she inherited from her mom, Engr. Florentina Exaltacion-Salip Ahmad. On the other hand, Marvin’s military career was also in the upswing as he was promoted several times receiving accolades for his exemplary performance.

Dream wedding

After the birth of their 2nd daughter Mariana Atasha or Ariane this March 2012, Marvin asked for Joy’s hand in marriage for the third time, saying that he wanted a church wedding. Joy was thrilled but was again worried. “I was thinking of my figure because I just gave birth!”, Joy laughs.

“We also considered a lot of factors such as my health and Marvin’s next assignment which would most probably be in Luzon or Visayas”, Joy shares. They figured that organizing a wedding outside Davao would involve more work, money and time. Most importantly, the Inocencios wanted to receive God’s blessing in their marriage. So, finally, the church wedding was a “go”!

Joy always wanted to have a fairytale military wedding. “Since I was a child, I would dream of having a wedding like that of the princesses I’ve watched in Disney movies”, the bubbly Joy divulges. The creative bride wanted to have simple yet elegant decors with crystals and dramatic lighting.

The couple agreed on having minimal decors in the reception.  The groom only had one specific request --- all-white flowers which he always envisioned for his wedding.

Vision in white 

edding organizer extraordinaire Noel Tanza of Golden Touch was brought in and, as expected, magically executed the couple’s plans to reality.

At the Sta. Ana Parish Church, the aisle was festooned with assorted white flowers and whimsical lamps which gave a romantic glow to the Inocencios’ dream wedding. A white carpet with the couple’s personalized logo was laid out for the couple and the entourage.

As Joy was about to march, their five-year old daughter Lexi, the little bride, proudly held a sign which announced “Here Comes My Mommy”.

The bride’s shining and shimmering wedding gown was a beautiful collaboration by Patahian’s Aztec and Popoy Barba. The duo also created the gowns of the two mothers, little bride and the baby bride, 9-month old Ariane. The entourage’s gowns, on the other hand, were by the talented Marco Laurencio of Renaissance Haute Couture.

The all-white theme was also reflected at reception held at the Marco Polo Hotel’s grand ballroom. The couple had specific instructions to Noel, “No disco balls. No extra big table centerpieces/vases. No twigs and other decorative extras. We did not want crystals on the tables and covered walls”. All these requests were considered by Noel. He and his wonderful team executed the Inocencios’ ideas in amazing detail.

Towering cake

When it comes to cakes, Marvin knows that Joy is totally in love with them. “Our daughters have their monthly cakes and my birthdays are not complete without a cake”, Joy smiles.

So, when Marvin asked Joy about her dream wedding cake, she told him straight, “I want a 10-feet 12-layer wedding cake”. Of course, Joy did not expect Marvin to give her the cake of her dreams. “It was not practical and too much to ask from him”, she says.

However, Marvin asked his bride to draw her dream cake and gave it to Cake Temptations. “I really thought it was not possible. I even told Cake Temptations to have their own design instead of my own which had specific height, layers and diameter of each cake. I’m that O.C.!”, Joy giggles. But, eager to please, Marvin insisted to go with Joy’s initial design because it was her dream cake. “Until now, I still couldn’t believe we had my dream giant cake on my wedding!”, Joy reminisces.

Military touch

Noel’s team headed by Miles Pandian took care of the military program. “He worked closely with Marvin, especially in implementing the military traditions such as the first dance, “My Kaydet Girl”; the dance with Marvin’s Mistahs (classmates in PMA); the slicing of the cake using the sword; “The Arch of Swords” in the church (during the processional/recessional); and even the “order for push-ups” after the church ceremony!”, Joy explains.

“The highlight of our wedding is really the military ceremony. That made our wedding extraordinary. One of our wedding godfathers told me months before, “Anyone can have a luxurious wedding but not all can have a military wedding. So even if you will just have a simple wedding, be happy because it is unique”, the jubilant bride recalls.

Joy never predicted that she will have the wedding she has always dreamed of as a child. She and Marvin were already married in civil rites and have two kids. So, she thought that spending for their dream wedding was not really practical. But Joy feels she is blessed to have a loving and supportive husband. “He gave me more than what I expected. In fact, he promised to marry me in church every 10 years!”, Joy gushes.

“I will never forget the day I walked down the aisle and married Marvin. If we married in church 6 years ago, I know I would not have had the same feeling. We were too young then. The church wedding that we had was more of a renewal of vows and a commitment to make our marriage and love for each other stronger. Having God’s blessing through the sacrament of Holy Matrimony is the happiest decision we’ve made this year!”, Joy enthuses.


Marvin and Joy consider all their wedding guests as important. But, they would like to especially acknowledge their principal sponsors, most of whom traveled from Luzon and Visayas just to be with them on their Big Day, namely: Admiral Damian Carlos and Mrs. Merlita Carlos; Lt. Gen. Jorge Segovia  and Mrs. Pia Segovia; BGen. Hernando Irriberi and Mrs. Aurora Carolina; Col. Cesar Idio and Dr. Yolanda Tuason; PS Supt. Ronald Dela Rosa and Mrs. Pia Angela Lopez; Col. Roberto Ancan and Mrs. Janet Ancan; Col. Gilbert Saret and Mrs. Christine Saret; Col. Teopisto Cabagnot Jr. and Mrs. Mariane Manansala; Lt. Col. Cesar Molina and Dr. Emy Molina; Lt. Col. Manolito Montiel and Cong. Maricar Zamora; Lt.Col Raymund Dante Lachica and Mrs. Teresa Regis; PSupt. Roderico Roy Jr. and Mrs. Ma. Salocin Musong; Gov. Arturo Uy and Mrs. Carnelle Canamaque; Mayor Voltaire Rimando and Architect Charleen Alquiza; Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Dr. Lily Mudanza; Board Member Joselito Brillantes and Mrs. Melinda Dela Cruz; Engr. Segismundo Exaltacion Jr. and Mrs. Zaldinia Exaltacion; Mr. Louie James Espanola and Ms. Liza Piamonte; and Mr. Franco Tito and Mrs. Marina Welborn.

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