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Mom's bucket list

"Mom's bucket list"
Sun.Star Davao, Jan. 12, 2013

2012 was a year of realizations for me. One of the many things I learned is that even if I want to prioritize being a wife and mom, I should also find time for other activities and people in my life on a regular basis. In addition, it is indeed true that “love and care for others starts with love and care for the self”.

Last year, I finally made it a point to squeeze in my “me time” weekly in spite of the demands of family and work. Simple treats such as a relaxing massage, shopping for myself, and quality time with dear friends (yes, even on school nights!) did wonders for me and my well-being. Balance is truly the key to enjoying our lives to the fullest.

‘Mom-About-Town’ starts its first article for the year with a mom-on-the-street interview with some of Davao’s most fascinating women about the essential lessons they learned in 2012 as well as their bucket list.

Read on and be inspired! 


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?

2012 is gone in a blink. Many moments, I wished for more hours, more hands and more energy to my days. But each night, I still capped them with so much gratefulness and I guess that was what kept me through. A GRATEFUL HEART IN THE CORE OF CHALLENGES. This year, I'm keeping matters at pace and my bucket list says a lot about it!

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

1. Spend more time with my kids on a promised day each month. All three, separately. (And vow not to touch my phone for 100% undivided attention!) 

2. UNPLUG. from my Laptop. iPhone. iPad (even just for half a day & not feel withdrawn!)

3. Stay CONNECTED. And I mean with my dear Lord. 

4. KINDLE my love for journaling & scrapbooking. And, I don't mean the digital way.

5.  Spread good karma and continue to inspire and empower women in my own simple way (this year, through my modAudrey swimwear line!)


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?

The past year brought a few unpleasant surprises my way. But I learned that it's really easier to face trials when you have hope and faith in your heart. These two important things helped me get through it all. And I know that as long as I have these, I will be okay.

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

1.  Get over my fear of driving. The first day I drove was when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant with my 3rd baby, had my then 6-year old son in the car with me, and we got into an accident. No one was hurt. But the experience affected me.

2.   Get into a healthier diet like my husband. Remove or lessen the amount of junk food that goes into my body. And encourage my kids to do the same.

3. Travel more. Visit Santorini, Geneva or London. Return to Paris or Barcelona.

4. Win the lottery!  Secure my kids' future and help my family and relatives with the prize.

5. Write a cookbook. It doesn't have to be published.  It's just something I want to do for myself and my family. Hopefully, my kids will benefit from it in the years to come.


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?

Every day is a SPECIAL day. Inspired by the quote, "Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special." But, don't forget to SAVE for a rainy day.

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

1. Adventure - Go skydiving.

2. Travel - See the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) in Alaska.

3. Learning - Learn to speak another language.

4. Health – Reach my weight goal!

5. Family - Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary with my family.


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?

Good karma does not only return to you in a hundred fold. Unaware that the kids are watching and knowing how they mirror their parents, seeing them being little good Samaritans is even more gratifying than doing the good deed itself.

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

1.Revisit Europe with my husband and kids when they are old enough to appreciate its culture.

2. I've always loved roller coasters and I hope I'd still be able to do it even if I'm above 60 years    old.

3.Be my kids' best friend without trying too hard nor dress like a teenager.

4.To be able to guide my kids properly in choosing the profession that they truly love and succeed in it.

5.To go on an exclusive honeymoon with my husband on our 50th anniversary and still be madly in love with each other.   


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?

In 2012, I learned the importance of time- time for my family members that are far away from me. My parents and siblings live in Manila so we don't see each other often, but the distance does not hinder us from being close. Despite of our hectic schedules, we still make time for 20-minute phone calls and exchanging of text messages every now and then. I also learned that every minute holds value and we should use the time we have wisely.

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

1.Run a full marathon. I run with my family and friends a couple of times every week. I'd like to kick up my running and go the extra mile by finishing a 42-km race.

2.Help my kids achieve their goals this year. I support my kids in all their endeavors. I hope to help them more this year with their Karate careers, academic challenges and extra-curricular activities.

3. To go on a get-away trip with my husband. We usually go on outings with the kids but I want to be able to go on a trip with just my husband and me since the kids are old enough to be left on their own now.

4. To help more people than I did last year. I make it a point to help people in need. I hope I can help more people this year.

5. To go on a trip with my friends. My friends are truly treasures. I want to go on a trip with just me and my friends for us to spend time together.


I've learned that sometimes the best thing you can do is let go - so that better things can come your way. Although we can be emotionally involved to the way things have been, there are those times when we really are meant to let go and move on.

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

1. Learn to drive. Be able to rely on myself for transportation.

2. Travel to Europe with the one I love. I've always wanted to experience another culture, music , food , people, sights and history. 

3. Do something on the spur of the moment. I am not sure what this can be, maybe I will book a ticket and go somewhere alone.

4. Learn to play the guitar. I have always wanted to play an instrument and had some success with the piano, but I think the guitar is just so much cooler! 

5. Make a difference in someone's life. 

*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?
To take things in stride and enjoy the ride. Life is what happens while you're busy planning things. I'm a big planner and since I desire a lot of things, sometimes I fail to enjoy the process of "getting there". Now I will consciously make myself aware of and enjoy the "journey" rather than the "getting there".

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?
1. Go on a 5-day Spiritual Journey on my own.

2. Own a vacation home in another country.

3. Send all my five kids for an education abroad.

4. Take up a culinary course in Cordon Bleu, Paris and/or a Master's Degree.

5. Become a Yoga Instructor.


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?

The most important lesson I have learned from 2012 is to value relationships.  When we die, people will forget about the material things we've amassed, but they will always remember how we made them feel when we were alive.

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

1.  Bring my parents on a vacation.

2.  Read and understand the entire Bible.

3.  See all my children through college, hopefully through medical school.

4.  Tour Europe with my husband and children.

5.  Learn to drive.


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?
I am a rather impatient person (nudges chuckling husband in the ribs) so for 2012 my best lesson learned was on patience....Learning it, living it, teaching it. I just had to let go of the dozens of what ifs and things that could go wrong and just focus on what I could control and what I could live with.

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

1. Have the luxury of turning off my mobile phones for 3 days, no calls from the clinic or the hospital or business contacts, and be a kid again. Romp and play and get grubby, dirty and stinky with my little and not so little one.

2. Get away with my dearest hubby for even a few days and go on dates, dates, and more dates... With everything going on in my busy busy existence, sometimes we get so caught up with making a living we forget about making a life!

3.Travel with my frail but still feisty mom and go back to her roots.

4.Reconnect with my oldest dearest friends.

5.Pay an extended visit to my beloved sister and get to just kick back and chat, maybe have a pedicure, go shopping, catch up ... no looming departure dates, no urgent errands, no housework for her and a magic babysitter for me.

6. Lastly, if time and the bucket permits....To go out with my camera and my tripod and my trusty trekking sandals and go off and capture the sunrise amidst the still seas and sombre rocks once again.


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?

The most important lesson I learned in 2012 is that the health of my daughter and my loved ones is what matters most. Money, professional success and academic ranking all fade into insignificance when health is at stake. I am willing to give up everything in exchange for the full life of my loved ones.

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond?

To be very honest, I don't have a bucket list. Our life in this world is just a temporary destination. Everything that we have here is temporal. I don't have a list of what I want to do before I die but I seize the day so I can make my family and friends feel that they are loved and God loves them, through me. I tend to go with the flow and let life happen.


*What is the most important lesson you learned from 2012?

2012 is one of the most memorable years of my life. I got the chance to fulfill some of the things in my bucket list. I finished a degree, travelled solo, directed a concert, organized bigger events and competed in an individual sport. In the process, I learned that the secret to happiness is the acceptance of yourself and your capability, to believe that with determination and hard work come great rewards. Indeed, if we will it, anything is possible.

We don't need to stop living our dreams once we become a parent. I think that our kids will eventually grow up and leave our side.  We know for a fact that we will always be there for them, we shouldn't feel guilty doing what we love rather let it serve as a reward for being good parents. 

Being a role a model to our kids encompasses not only what you say rather what you do in everyday life, so be an inspiration to your family. 

*What is in your bucket list for 2013 and even beyond? 

1.Travel: To explore the fascinating sights of Vietnam. I read that the culture and people of Vietnam are very hard to describe unless you have actually experienced them. So Vietnam here I come! I will eat as much street food as possible and mingle with the locals.

2. Compete and win Gold this time around. I’ve always wanted to have an individual sport and last year, I had the opportunity to try Jujitsu Martial Arts. With only 3 months of training, I got the chance to join the Philippine Jujitsu Novice Competition in Manila last December and won Bronze.  This year I am eyeing for that coveted Gold medal. Wish me luck!

3.To have a billboard of my radio show on 105.9 MixFm. I want to have a billboard of my radio show and my team along a busy street in downtown D.C. Not to show off but to represent fun at work. When we are doing what we love, we don't care about time. For at least at that moment, time doesn't exist and we are truly having fun. 

4.Teach in a college or university. I still conduct radio workshops to date. This year I want a wider audience, I would like to try teaching in a college or university and inspire would-be broadcasters to pursue their dreams and strive for excellence in anything that they do.

5.Direct more shows. I’ve been directing and conceptualizing concerts and events for years. Last year, I had the privilege to direct Martin Nievera’s concert, an accomplishment worth writing on my resume. I’ve always wanted to direct concerts and shows in Manila, Cebu or abroad.  Oh, keep them coming!

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