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A 'boo'-tiful 8 years

"A ‘boo’-tiful 8 years”
Sun.Star Davao, Nov. 8, 2014
Superheroes, Disney characters, spooky creatures….I can still vividly remember my first ever article for “Mom-About-Town” in 2006 entitled “The Village” featuring kids in Halloween costumes doing their “trick or treat”.

Back then, the experience of capturing the happy and excited faces of the children was such a thrill. And, to finally see my hard work on print, was pure bliss!

I had no inkling then if I would be writing for Sun.Star Davao for a year; maybe two? Never did I imagine that 8 years after, I would still be here to celebrate yet another anniversary.

It has been a ‘boo’-tiful 8 years… let’s flash forward to Halloween 2014!


WREY ZACH, 10 years old
COSTUME’S INSPIRATION: Dr. Gru of “Despicable Me”
KEY ELEMENTS: shaved head; thick eyebrows; all-black getup; gray/black stripes scarf; and pointed shoes
“The jacket and pants were borrowed from a cousin and Zach’s mom, respectively. The scarf was made an hour before trick or treating. Zach’s sister, Alyssa, used a strip of an ordinary gray fabric then used a black marker to draw the stripes of the scarf. The pointed shoes were bought from Chinatown.”


SUMMER EVE, 7 years old
COSTUME’S INSPIRATION: Agnes Gru of “Despicable Me”
KEY ELEMENTS: hair tied and hair waxed upright; blue jumpers; striped shirt; white shoes; and unicorn toy
“Summer’s sister, Alyssa, used an old bed pillow to make the unicorn. She took out the foam from the pillow. Using the white pillow sheet, she drew a horse and cut it accordingly. She dyed the white pillow sheets into a lavender hue. From the unicorn’s horn, eyes, hair and tail, everything was lovingly handmade by Alyssa.”


JOEY, 53; JOY, 47; CHESKA, 25; ISABELLA, 22; MIGUEL, 19; ENRIQUE, 12; and MARIA, 9
COSTUMES’ INSPIRATION: Rainbow family (Check out their previous Halloween costume as the Addams Family!)
KEY ELEMENTS: Colors of the rainbow
“The Mempins were looking for family costumes on Pinterest and found this idea. The headwear is handmade while the socks and colored tops were bought. They didn’t know what shoes to wear until the very last minute. Mommy Joy found a bunch of free hotel slippers!”.


QUISHA NICOLE, 8 years old
KEY ELEMENTS: Black horns and wings
“Quisha’s Mommy Jules rented the costume for the whole duration of the Halloween celebration. With the owner’s approval, Jules personally sprayed black paint on the wings. Quisha’s Maleficent getup won as the “Most Original” costume at S&R’s Halloween event”.


DAPHNE MANUELLE, 3 years old
COSTUME’S INSPIRATION: Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff of Lalaloopsy Land
KEY ELEMENTS: jumpsuit with attached skirt; belt and fur vest; and blue wig with white bows
“Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff is Lalaloopsy Land’s biggest enthusiast of all things snowy. She was sewn December 21st from an Eskimo’s scarf and has a polar bear for a pet.” (Source: Wiki)


TIFFANY ALESSA, 8 years old
COSTUME’S INSPIRATION: Madeline Hatter (daughter of Mad Hatter)
KEY ELEMENTS: wig, gloves, tights, and headpiece (hat/teacup combo)
“Madeline Hatter is the daughter of Mad Hatter. She is part of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as the next Mad Hatter. Combined with a vast array of non-synchronized patterns, her average look is a busy one, befitting her energetic personality.” (Source: Wiki)
KEY ELEMENTS: Real Iron Man effects with LED chest and hand lights


RAINE KENDRICK, 5 years old
KEY ELEMENTS: helmet, shield and suit
“The costumes, helmet and shield were handmade by their Daddy Raffy’s friend in Manila. They were made with rubber foam, glued and painted.”


JORGY and MISSY, 6 years old; MEGGY, 4 years old
COSTUME’S INSPIRATION: Elsa, Anna and Olaf of Frozen
KEY ELEMENTS: Elsa and Anna gowns plus the 3D headdress of Olaf
“The kids’ costumes were actually used last April during their Frozen birthday party. Mommy Maricel let a dressmaker make the costumes as there were no readymade ones available in Davao then. The cute headdress of Olaf was handmade by Shynne of Grafix 101.”

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