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Qaleesi's feast with a twist

“Qaleesi’s feast with a twist”
Sun.Star Davao, Oct. 25, 2014

          Mark and Natalie Wee have a fun and unique tradition when it comes to naming their adorable kids.

“We alphabetized our names according to the eldest, which is the dad of course, M (Mark); followed by the mom, N (Natalie). Our firstborn is automatically O (Ogin), then the second P (Pepito), and finally, our youngest...Q!”, Natalie smiles. However, their penchant for finding one-of-a-kind names was put to the test with the letter Q.

“At the time we were following the TV series, Game of Thrones (GOT), and found the character of Daenerys Targaryen who holds the title of a Khaleesi, which means Queen in Dothraki, fascinating. This character then develops into a courageous ruler who is strong-willed with a scholarly mind yet compassionate and honored and loved by her people. All of these characteristics were what we sought in our baby girl”, Natalie reveals.

Finally, they had a name for their darling bundle of joy, Qaleesi Noelle!

Feast with a twist

When they started conceptualizing the first birthday theme of their dearest Qaleesi, the doting parents did not think twice in choosing the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme.

“Instead of GOT’s gory medieval theme though, we gave Qaleesi’s birthday celebration a festive and feminine twist by utilizing gold and pinkish hues”, says Natalie.

Hands-on mom Natalie organized the GOT-themed party at The Apo View grand ballroom in only 6 weeks. “I already knew and trusted my suppliers for this party and thus, the preparations were a breeze!“, she shares.

Natalie and Mark, who own and operate “Hobby with My Hubby” on the side, have always been the DIY kind of parents since their eldest child’s party. For Qaleesi’s party, they designed and printed their own invites using the customized emblem for Q and addressed it in a GOT context.

The main reason why the Wees painstakingly bake and decorate their scrumptious dessert buffet is for their kids' parties and Qaleesi’s party was no exception!

Hobby with My Hubby made a voracious and impressive spread of GOT-themed sweets such as cookies with the design of the emblem and labeled it “Dragonstone Crest”. There were also labels like “Riverrun Boats” for Alor's boat-shaped fruit tarts; “Casterly Rock Tower” for Emily Herrera's French macaron tower; and, “Hodor's Matcha Cheese” and “King's Landing Cake” for Lachi's bite-sized cheesecakes.

To keep in line with the theme, these delectable confectioneries were carefully laid on Natalie’s mother's antique vanity table and bedside tables along with a quaint cupboard refurbished by Casa Soriano.

‘Game of Thrones’ theme

Natalie has always believed in her friend, Khim Cruz of Party Deco, for her ability to put to realization what the Wees have envisioned for their kids’ parties.

For the ‘Game of Thrones’ stage décor, Party Deco built a castle with a utilitarian design in soft pink shades and a smoke-breathing dragon perched on top. “Very much GOT for a baby girl!”, enthuses Natalie.

The sigil of every house of ‘Game of Thrones’ was also creatively incorporated in the party stations like the “House of Stark” for Aling Foping’s Halo-Halo Station; “House of Tyrell” for Pizza Pedrico; and “House of Baratheon” for Waffle Time.

Banners in the ceiling works and acrylic cut-outs for the table centerpieces also had the same design as the sigil and their catchphrases.

         Emily Lim-Cimafranca did an exquisite 5-tiered birthday cake decorated with the elements of GOT. The first layer was artistically wrapped in golden dragon scale; a 3D dragon representing Khaleesi's dragons in another layer; the emblem in the top layer; and the iron throne for the topper.

Entertaining the guests through songs and dances were Qaleesi’s older siblings, Ogin and Pepito, with their cousins Chloe, Chelsea and David. On the other hand, the kids' dance instructor, Mervin Roble, and his group Rhythmic Illusions choreographed an action-packed sword fight/dance to the GOT theme song.

Party giveaways included personalized pillows for the infants as well as personalized boxes with treats, crafted by Gruppo Grafica, for the toddlers and teens.

           We share Qaleesi’s amazing party photos courtesy of Richard Padillo.

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