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A birthday trip to Kimmitown

“A birthday trip to Kimmitown”
Sun.Star Davao, June 25, 2011
When it comes to celebrating her loved ones’ birthday parties, Singapore-based mom Aileen ‘T-One’ Brigole-Abadilla is always bursting with creative ideas.
The fashionista mom works as a corporate sales executive at StarHub Ltd and is happily married to Christian Abadilla, a market analyst at Market One Pte Ltd, also in Singapore. Back in 2009, I featured their eldest daughter Jamie Ailianne’s dainty “Precious Moments” 1st birthday extravaganza.
For her youngest daughter Jillianne Christalle’s 1st birthday bash recently at the Grand Men Seng Hotel, T-One imaginatively used Kimmitown, the Kimmi Junior Dolls’ fantasy land of friendship as the exciting party theme.
I wanted to utilize a very unique theme with elements that were never seen before in other kiddie birthday parties. I pictured the party to be something colorful and girlie, just like Jill. At the same time, I wanted a touch of sophistication which was new yet still kid-appropriate. This is why the Kimmi Junior dolls would be the perfect theme”, explains T-One.
According to T-One, Kimmi Junior dolls are the latest addition to the stylish kokeshi doll collection called “Kimmidolls”. With its main theme, “Friends Are Fun”, these individual dolls each have a Friendship Passport that includes a name, a playful personality and written personal motto packaged together. This allows collectors to widen their circle of friends, share their doll’s mottos and enjoy their hobby of doll-collecting.
A birthday trip to Kimmitown
Family and friends were in awe as they entered Jillianne’s Kimmitown – a larger than life Kimmi fantasy land filled with Kimmidolls donned in their exquisite kimonos amidst a cute forest background festooned with delightful butterflies, lady bugs, snails, fruits, flowers and rainbows.
Master party planner and event stylist Annie Paz Lim and her dynamic team brilliantly executed Mommy T-One’s Kimmitown dream into reality.
“The grand entrance was a charming gazebo spruced up in Japanese paper pops, lanterns and vibrant parasols combined with metallic balloons in festive colors. The enormous stage backdrop glistened as Kimmidolls Sunshine and Bella standees cheerfully welcomed the guests”, describes T-One.
Guest tables were clothed in satin linen with each highlighted by a Japanese-inspired centerpiece, confetti and sweets sprinkled all over. These table centerpieces were towering balloon pillars topped with Mylar balloon heads shaped as adorable butterflies, lady bugs, hearts and stars. High-flying jewel-tone balloons with Japanese parasols served as centerpiece bases.
To add a sense of adventure and exploration, friendship passports were given to each guest to serve as access pass to Kimmitown’s enjoyable booths.
Amiable party host Jymmez Infiesto was sophisticatedly transformed into a real-life Kimmidoll as she warmly greeted guests in her red silk kimono.
The kids enjoyed visiting Jillianne’s Kimmitown while playing games such as the “Match Kimmi Junior Dolls Relay”, “Meet and Greet Kimmi Junior Dolls”, “Kimmitown’s Kick and Twist Relay” and “Kimmitown Building Blocks Relay”; and faced fun challenges in the “Shoot the Hearts” and “Dart the Flowers” game booths.
T-One, a certified BluGre coffeeholic, requested her favorite Davao coffee shop to set up an on-site booth offering cold Larcepuccino Mocha and Cookies and Cream drinks as well as brewed coffee. There was also an ice cream cart which served unlimited cold treats.
On the other hand, the Cookie Decorating Station by Cheryl Gutierrez’s “Sweet Art Confections was a sure-fire hit with kids and adults gamely decorating delectable cookies in forms of butterflies, hearts and flowers and sprinkled with mini candies, icing and fondant toppers.
“For Jillianne’s birthday cake, the talented Pia Tecson-Lopez created a 3-tier heart-shaped fondant masterpiece in fuchsia and turquoise with “Sunshine”, a Kimmi Junior doll, as the topper. The yummy cake was wonderfully surrounded with Kimmitown elements of lady bugs, bees, butterflies, flowers and rainbows”, shares T-One.
Cupcakes were in full fondant, each with Kimmitown elements found in the dolls’ kimonos. T-One’s personal and growing collection of Kimmi Junior dolls elegantly highlighted the cupcake stand.
After feasting on the sumptuous dinner buffet served by Grand Men Seng Hotel, guests savored the tempting sweets at the Japanese-inspired dessert buffet table by BluGre and Tagum City-based Yuyu, a popular cafe owned by young entrepreneur/pastry chef Adi Yu.
Glitter-finished Kimmi Junior party treat bags brimming with goodies and Kimmi Junior doll keychains served as party souvenirs.
Heart and soul
The musically-gifted Abadilla/Brigole family serenaded their “Jilly Bean” that evening with the song, “Beautiful in My Eyes” originally sung by Joshua Kadison. With T-One on the keyboards and Daddy Christian on the main vocals and Jill’s cousins Kristianne Gayle Brigole, Jonathan David Valdez and Bojo Mamaril on back-up vocals. In addition, another cousin Jaryl Valdez strummed his classical guitar while Jill’s aunt Cheska Ferrer played the violin.
“The song went perfectly despite a mere overnight’s practice. All the kids who backed us up on the accompaniment and vocals were only 15 years old. Though Jill could not have possibly understood that she would always be beautiful in our eyes, it was the perfect finale for Jill’s first special event”, T-One smiles.
The ultra organized mom likewise cherished the audio-visual presentation dedicated to Jillianne which featured Savage Garden song’s “I Knew I Loved You”.
She further adds that one of the true highlights of the party was that it signified the oneness of their family. “Aside from the fact that Jillianne seemed amazed at the burst of colors and merriment around the ballroom, she and Jamie truly enjoyed the presence of family and friends. These family events are the most cherished moments of our usually brief stay in Davao”.
“I wish to thank Joy Maguinsay, a very close friend of mine who did all the amazing legwork in coordinating with the suppliers on my behalf, and of course, my Mama "Mumsy Eyah" and my Papa "Daddy Willy" who have been taking care of our “Jilly Bean” while we were busy taking care of her papers in Singapore. T-One warmly revealed that both have been “very supportive of our plans with their numerous sacrifices and yet never asking for anything in return.”
For the Abadillas, having their loved ones together celebrating Jillianne’s first milestone with their priceless smiles, laughter and friendship, is truly the heart and soul of the party.
Special thanks to Aaron Zerna for the party photos.
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