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Ava in One-derland

“Ava in One-derland”
Sun.Star Davao, Jan. 15, 2011
It all started with a dare.

While planning for the ‘Alice in Wonderland’-themed first birthday party of their darling Ava Maxinne-Rae Uy Labrador, doting elder sister Aalia Maddisen-Rae, who is only 9 years old, mischievously dared her parents Mark and Angel to wear costumes during the celebration.

But, these were not just ordinary costumes. They were outlandish ones representing the main characters of the well-loved classic’s movie version by director Tim Burton.

And so during Ava’s special day, all the guests were awed and a bit taken aback when a tall and strange-looking Mad Hatter met them at the grand ballroom of the Marco Polo Hotel. After several minutes, they soon recognized with amazement that the Mad Hatter was no other than daddy Mark heavily made up and garbed in an outfit that could rival Johnny Depp’s eccentric character!

Dare to wear

“For those who know Mark (who is a businessman/civil engineer), they know that it would only take a miracle for him to agree on such an act. And, what an act indeed! He was the ‘star of the night’ ”, laughs super hands-on mom Angel.

Angel herself was not able to escape from Aalia’s dare. Dressing up as the bespectacled White Rabbit, the Harvard University-educated mom mingled with guests in her bunny ears, intricate light gray and purple coat and pants holding a gold chained pocket watch.

On the other hand, The British School Manila student Aalia looked absolutely regal in her Queen of Hearts costume complete with heart-drawn lips and heart-shaped hair while the birthday celebrant Ava was exceptionally adorable in her dainty Alice in Wonderland-inspired beaded gown.

All of the Labradors’ playful costumes were especially created by premier fashion designer Rajo Laurel. Meanwhile, the outrageous hair and make-up were by top artist Otoi Mercado.

Ava in ‘One-derland’

Angel is widely known among friends and family to be a stickler for details and the amiable accounting graduate just doesn’t host a party, she stages a grand production. Undeniably, this is her forte and one which she enjoys doing with gusto.

“I usually have days of sleepless nights searching the internet for ideas. When I get enough, I will have Manila-based Winnie Go of Party Perks and Annie Lim of Davao collaborate and execute the plan as accurately as possible”, explains Angel.

When you have the best of the best party organizers from Manila and Davao, expect nothing but the ultimate in surprises and never-before-seen decors this side of town.

At Ava’s whimsical Alice in Wonderland party, Winnie, who is Ava’s godmother, did the awesome ceiling decorations consisting of brightly hued paper flowers and Japanese lanterns. Each kiddie chair was painstakingly made to appear like a royal throne. Aalia’s equally dynamic godmother Annie, on the other hand, set up the elaborate table decorations which had an elegant yet amusing tea party concept.

The four-tiered cake by Party Perks was a one of a kind masterpiece brimming with miniature Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Tweedledum and Tweedledee characters. Different layers were highlighted by red hearts, the Mad Hatter’s hat and a teapot and cup.

Endless fun

Kids had a marvelous time in the arts and crafts section, kiddie salon and face painting booths.

The popular Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt served their bestselling yogurt flavors and toppings while traditional favorites BluGre and Basti’s Brew offered unlimited coffee and pizza to the adults and children.

Wacky event host Sugus together with seasoned jugglers, magician and face painter came all the way from Manila courtesy of Party Perks to provide exciting entertainment, spice and color to Ava’s important milestone.

All party prizes were licensed Alice in Wonderland merchandise that Angel bought in the 

When it came to choosing the party menu, Angel left the decision-making to hubby Mark. “Mark is very picky with finding the right combination of dishes for our parties. He always wants to make sure that the food ‘reflects’ us and what we like to eat”, shares Angel.

And, true to his reputation, Mark proved to have excellent taste as the guests raved about the sumptuous buffet spread by Marco Polo and the tempting dessert centerpiece by Angel’s cousin, culinary whiz Emerald “Adi” Uy of YuYu’s displayed at each guest table.

As the vintage-looking clock pillow souvenirs were distributed by the Labrador family to the kids signaling that the celebration was about to end, guests could not help but wish that like the Mad Hatter, they could continue having endless fun partying and declaring “Tea Time!” on a whim.

We share photos of the splendid celebration by Davao’s pride, Lito Sy.
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