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Tutti frutti in the city

"Tutti Frutti in the city"
Sun.Star Davao, Nov. 27, 2010

Davao City’s dessert scene has become even ‘cooler’ and extra exciting with the entry of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Rejoice, yogurt aficionados!

Touted as the “perfect healthy dessert”, Tutti Frutti is a U.S.-based brand of specialty frozen yogurt with over 250 store locations worldwide. It offers a revolutionary 100% self-service model that allows customers to create the frozen yogurt themselves.

There are five simple steps that even a child can do!

STEP 1. Get any cup size you want. As per experience, a small cup may never be enough. So, go for UPSIZE!

STEP 2. Pick the flavor of your choice. Choose any or all the flavors you want. There are flavor tags on the machine. Pull the lever down to dispense and pull it up to stop and proceed to fill another flavor, if one prefers.

STEP 3. Add toppings. You can add yummy toppings such as fruits, chocolates, mallows, jellies, crispies, almonds, walnuts, cashews, gummies, syrups and coatings, sprinkles, to name a few.

STEP 4. Proceed to the counter for weighing (for only P20 per ounce).

STEP 5. Enjoy your nutritious dessert!

Self-serve specialty frozen yogurt
“Our self-serve frozen yogurt allows customers to be imaginative on their design and personalize their dessert concoction to their delight. Moreover, the price is very competitive and gives the customer a free hand to do their yogurt creations on a budget. So, even if they have P50 and want to enjoy our yogurt, they can!”, shares Tutti Frutti Davao manager Sheila.
In addition, Sheila says that Tutti Frutti changes some of their flavors every week to give more options for their clientele. Bestselling flavors include original (plain yogurt), raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, mango, banana, coconut, peach, pomegranate, taro, cappuccino, cookies and cream, among others.
Tutti Frutti likewise has “multiple health benefits such as probiotics or helpful bacteria which have been scientifically proven to aid and improve the digestive process; provides nutrition in the form of calcium and protein; 99% non-fat and cholesterol-free; has a lower caloric content; contains less sugar and is lighter on the stomach than time-honored ice cream”.
Hit family dessert

The amiable Sheila has nothing but high praises for Tutti Frutti Davao’s loyal customers.
We have a wide customer base, from kids to senior citizens. They come to the store, taste something great and on their next visit, bring their family and friends to enjoy the Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt; they even enthusiastically demonstrate the self-serve process. They really feel proud for being able to invent their own yogurt combinations”, smiles Sheila.

“I also got a feedback from one customer that she was doing some shopping with her kids at the mall. At one point, the children just left and were nowhere to be found. She figured the kids must be at Tutti Frutti. So, she went to the store, and true enough, they were there already with their cups and dispensing the yogurt themselves”, enthuses Sheila.

Other customers tell Sheila that their children are in a hurry to eat lunch during trips at the mall so they can drop by Tutti Frutti. In another instance, a family goes to the store and has one round of yogurt for everyone, then after their first cup, they again go for another round. Tutti Frutti has truly become a well-loved family affair!

Yogurt fans will surely welcome the latest Tutti Frutti Davao update. Aside from its first branch at the Gaisano Mall (grocery level), Tutti Frutti will open at the Damosa Business Center, Market Basket, Lanang, Davao City on November 29 (Monday).

Tutti Frutti will also open very soon at the 2nd floor, SM City Davao, Quimpo Blvd., Davao City.

“Come and visit Tutti Frutti for a perfect healthy dessert! Experience the fun, the taste, the wholesome benefits of yogurt and the priceless friendship it creates. To our loyal customers, thank you for bringing your family and friends to Tutti Frutti. Keep on coming back for more!”, Sheila concludes happily.

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