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Fairy fever at Neverland

“Fairy fever at Neverland”
Sun.Star Davao, Oct. 30, 2010

Much like Tinkerbell, Jodie Adrianne Ang Tangtatco is a sassy, spirited and fun-loving child.
“She constantly has a mischievous smile on her face which reminds me of the tiny fairy in Peter Pan. I have always been fascinated with fairies and their enchanting world”, shares Jodie’s mom Jenny.

So, when it was time to prepare for their beloved daughter’s 1st birthday celebration, it was no surprise that the young mom, together with husband Jet, chose Tinkerbell’s Neverland as the party theme.

With professional coordination and decoration by the multi-talented Noel Tanza of Golden Touch, the special guests composed of family and close friends were treated to a whimsical evening of fairy fever and magic!

Fairy fever

The Davao Convention and Trade Center ballroom was expertly transformed into a virtual ‘fairytopia’ that would certainly make the playful Tinkerbell wave her wand in approval.

Delightful Tinkerbell Mylar balloons and styrofoam Tinkerbell figures were creatively arranged as table centerpieces. Different hues of cloth served as ceiling works while strategically placed backdrops of lush forests gave the party venue a relaxing garden ‘feel’.

Colorful Peter Pan hats for the boys and dainty fairy wands for the girls were presented to the kiddie guests as they entered “Neverland”.

The impressive VIP long tables for children were generously filled with yummy Tinkerbell-designed cakes, chocolates, mini cupcakes by Sweet Advocate, coloring books and crayons.

Moreover, there was a cool kiddie salon which offered services for glitter tattoo, make-up, nail polish, artificial hair color and personalized bracelets.

Chef Booboo Maramba whipped up a five-layer multi-colored chocolate chip fondant cake simulating Tinkerbell’s forest home--abundant foliage, magnificent waterfalls and wild flowers.

Imagine Fotofun Digital Express likewise set up a party booth with Tinkerbell picture cards as souvenirs.

Neverland magic

Dressed in her captivating Tinkerbell-inspired costume by Rodel Macatangay of Chardin, Jodie and her parents entered the ballroom in style escorted by the Royeca School of Ballet dancers with timeless characters like Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook. After the grand entrance, the ballet dancers performed excerpts from their well-loved “Peter Pan” ballet production.

On the other hand, James Infiesto dressed as Peter Pan and daughter Jymmes as Tinkerbell skillfully hosted the affair and facilitated the Neverland-themed games such as “Meet Peter Pan's Friends” relay, “Lost Boys Treasure” relay, “Dress Me as a Fairy” relay, “Name the Disney Movie Song”, and many more.

Meanwhile, international illusionist, magician and mentalist Kent Oliver impressed the guests with his magic tricks which were mostly new to the Davao crowd. Kent, who is based in Manila, has performed his stage and street magic all over Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Aside from the splendid buffet, guests were treated to a host of food booths such as Fiorgelato Pure Italian Ice Cream, Italian Job Pizza, House of Panini, All That Juice, Potato Madness, and a lot more.

Kiddie guests were given personalized Peter Pan bags for boys and Tinkerbell bags for girls brimming with treats and goodies from Neverland.

We share photos of the happy occasion by Imagine Digital Fotofun Express.

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