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The Oak and Acorn's regrowth

“The Oak & Acorn’s regrowth”
Sun.Star Davao, Sept. 25, 2010

When The Oak & Acorn first opened its doors 3 years ago, the dynamic owners Architect Patrick Tan and wife Mary Allyn or Lyn had only one child, a boy. Since then, they’ve added a doting baby girl to their young family.

“So, we’ve grown as parents as well and become more mature in our parenting priorities. These changes have carried on to the new Oak & Acorn which recently relocated to Plaza Del Carmen”, shares Lyn.

The quaint development near J.P. Laurel is the latest architectural project of Patrick. “The garden-inspired location is very unique and perfect for The Oak & Acorn’s philosophies”, adds Lyn.

“Fine parenting, bright possibilities”
The Oak & Acorn honors the strength and majesty of the oak (parents) and the wonderful seeds of possibilities of the acorn (children).

Though the hands-on parents decided to display their company’s slogan, “Fine Parenting, Bright Possibilities” in the store premises only recently, this has always been the “raison d’etre” for their endeavors.

Lyn confesses that both she and Patrick are very passionate parents. They attend parenting seminars, read tons of books, and in the process have been blessed with immense joy and fulfilment in parenting.

“The Oak & Acorn is our way of sharing the finer lessons we’ve learned along the way, like how the right tools can aid in breastfeeding, what toys are safe and appropriate for our children, and what products we can use to help us in the difficult but rewarding task of parenting”, says Lyn who aside from being an entrepreneur is also a licensed pharmacist, freelance writer and interior design enthusiast.

Majority of the original brands can still be found in the store today which include the Thomas the Tank Engine Railways, CROCS, Lego, Bob the Builder Toys, Lamaze and many others. The store likewise offers nursing/breastfeeding basics and provides infant products that are both BPA and phthalate-free.

“Simply put, we do not carry anything in our store that we would not allow our children to use or have in our homes”, Lyn proudly reveals.

A fresh line introduced by the Tan couple is the “Healthy and Safe Home”. Products here include the Messy Bessy line of home products like the hand and laundry soaps and insect control products, and the Oasis skin care line. Both brands are biodegradable, natural, and most importantly, safe for families.

“We’ve also come up with “The Acorn Library”, a collection of children’s books specially selected to meet at least one of the 3 criteria: a) time-tested/ beloved classics, b) international or New York Times bestsellers, and c) award-winning titles”, explains the breastfeeding advocate and counsellor.

“I’m happy to share that many of the books in the collection meet not just one or two but three of the criteria. We would like to optimize the parents’ and children’s reading times with truly beautiful books”, enthuses Lyn.

With the new Oak & Acorn, the husband and wife team have also been more conscious about the values that dictate the choices for the products they carry in the store. These are: a) attachment parenting and love for family, b) love for our environment, and c) pride in being Filipino.

“The Oak and Acorn is where “Fine Parenting” is celebrated, and to us that means not only that we love our children, but love being parents to our children together with all the challenges and joys and time that it entails. We invite you to come share fine parenting with us”, Lyn ends with a smile.

The Oak & Acorn is located at Plaza del Carmen, Loyola St., Bo. Obrero, D.C. (near Best Buy).

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