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Race into the sun

“Race Into the Sun”
Sun.Star Davao, May 22, 2010

Patterned after the “Amazing Race”, a popular reality television show, 105.9 MIX FM’s über successful summer event, “Race Into the Sun”, let the challengers experience Davao City’s thrilling adventures all in one adrenaline pumping day.

On May 15, 2010, nine teams (composed of 2 participants each) wearing costumes that aptly described their group, rushed to People’s Park at 6 a.m. for their first challenge which was to perform before a dance instructor and perfect a dance routine. Upon passing the challenge, the instructor gives his stamp of approval and the next clue is given.

Teams then hurried to the “Home of the Best Mix on the Planet”, 105.9 MIX FM, for their radio interview. After the interview, each team was isolated in a room for three minutes where they were made to read and take in as much information as they can about Davao City, its history and other important general facts. These would eventually be part of a test in the later part of the race.

Afterwards, with only a very limited transportation budget, the participants were required to commute their way to Rancho Palos Verdes Country Club near Crocodile Park. Upon arriving, the teams’ challenge was to either laboriously fill a cup with water using only a simple ladle (the harder way) or take in a special drink paired with a teaspoon-full of chili powder (the easier way). As expected, all of them took the latter.

Participants then proceeded to zorb and zip their way at Davao Zorb Park and Zip City, respectively. This leg of the race was considered one of the hardest since all teams at this time had alcohol and chili in their system. The teams were made to proceed as fast as they could rolling inside a zorb and zipping through the zip line. Upon completing these two exhilarating but muscle-numbing tasks, the next challenge was to kneeboard around Deca Wakeboard Park, a task that stretched the endurance limits of the participants.

Expecting a brief respite around 12 noon, the teams arrived at Mergrande Ocean Resort where they, to their surprise, were greeted with a sumptuous but supersized lunch consisting of 1 big bowl of bulalo, 1 big plate of chopsuey, 4 cups of rice and a liter of softdrink—no leftovers allowed! Another gustatory challenge followed next as each team was made to consume one kilo of lanzones and one whole piece of marang. In pure bitter-sweet fashion, each participant enjoyed all the food but not without a whole lot of throwing up after.

At their final stop at Campo Agua, the teams’ final task was to arrange thirteen blocks with the names of thirteen recent Davao City mayors in the order of their terms of office. This was considered a "great equalizer" as it took around three hours for all the teams to finally pass this challenge, not to mention a whole lot of brainstorming and trial and error attempts.

After much “hair-pulling” and brain-twisting, Team B (Jaypee Solis and Jasper Huang) emerged as the grand champions, Team Parkour Davao (Harold Mangahas and Khryss Ernest Pude) took the second place with Team Cyber (Wilfredo Fernandez, Jr. and Gino Paolo Calalang) placing third. The winners received trophies, cash and gift certificates.

Non-winning teams which included Team Tata Benitos (Sam Sevilla and Gladys Marcial), Team Marco Polo/Amoss (Albert Calo, Jr. and Paulino Mendoza, Jr.), Team Pogi (Weljuric Pontanos and Kenneth Castromayor), The J's (Johanna Crave and Jennifer Joyce Namis), Timbora (Jeson Perez and Ramil Torregosa) and Team Schizophrenic (Bianca Ortega and Raphael Franco Caballero) received goodies, treats and certificates.

After wrapping up the awarding ceremony, DJ Torch, Davao’s much-regarded club DJ revved up the "Into The Sun" Party which lasted until midnight.

“Race Into the Sun” was made possible by Deca Wakeboard Park, Crocodile Park, Rancho Palos Verdes, Zip City, P.N. Ninte Metal Award Products, Mergrande Ocean Resort, Campo Agua Resort, Black Magic Custom Car Care, True Scents and Minerals, Basti's Brew, TLC Center of Health and Beauty, Muzika del Sur and Pure Foods Tender Juicy Hotdogs.

Super thanks to Mix FM’s DJs John Ray Manguiran, Wacky Masbad and Joey Sy Domingo for the event info and photos!

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