Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pit stop with TEAM B’s Jaypee Solis and Jasper Huang

“Race Into the Sun’s” first-ever grand champions

Why did you decide to join the contest?
“We are both adrenaline junkies and we are always looking for something new to try out... "Race Into The Sun" fits the bill”.
How did you prepare for the race?
“First of all, we planned to get a good night's sleep to start it off, take note, we say planned because we didn't get a wink of sleep before the race. We tried to anticipate what we would be up against but being prepared for the unknown is an exercise in futility. So all we could was take ourselves to the event, and take things as they go”.

What were the most memorable challenges of the race?

“The most memorable would have to be part involving the wakeboard park, not only did we have a lot of fun learning how to kneeboard but it was there that we managed to move to the 3rd spot in the race”.

At some point, did you ever think of quitting the race? What made you continue the race?

“We went into this race not expecting to win...but we promised ourselves that whatever happens we would finish it. However, there were two instances that we actually thought of giving up.

The first was when we had to finish everything laid in front of us from a large bowl of bulalo to a platter of chopsuey, 4 cups of rice and a liter of coke. This might sound like a doable meal... but you have to consider that prior to this challenge we were consistently given water to "rehydrate" ourselves which we probably drank in liters prior to our meal.

The second would have to be the final challenge, where we had to arrange the mayors of Davao from past to present, without any clues or anything, which really tested our patience.

Of course, what kept us going was our promise that we would finish the race regardless of our place”.

What do you think was your strategy/”secret weapon” in winning the race?

“It was more of the fact that we went into the race planning to just have fun. We were there, talking to the other participants, we even helped out others in their tasks when we were done with ours. We made new friends, learned a lot of new things about Davao. And I guess in the process of spreading goodwill, we had goodwill returned to us as well. That and a little luck went a long way for us”.

How was this race the same/different from “Amazing Race”?

“This race reminds us of "Amazing Race" in the sense that when you participate here you learn about the place where the challenges are, just like in the "Amazing Race" where you get to learn about each area's culture during each leg of the race”.

How did you feel upon winning the contest?

"Overwhelmed because we really didn't expect to win, and at the same time relieved because we could finally let our hair down and just enjoy the rest of the day”.

What is your message to future contestants of “Race into the Sun”?

“All we can say is have fun, don't take the race too seriously because you'll never know what kind of challenges are going to be thrown at you... one moment you might be on top, the next you're trailing the race leaders. And finally, regardless of what place you finish, the one thing you're guaranteed to win will be the hearts and minds of your fellow competitors, so make the most of it”.

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