Saturday, January 16, 2010

A merry Mickey party

"A merry Mickey party"
Sun.Star Davao, Jan. 16, 2010

A dark red Christmas stocking embroidered with the name “BRENT” and the number “1” was delivered by ‘Santa’s little helpers’ to our house last month.

My kids could not wait to check what was inside. They excitedly pulled out a wonderful surprise---an invitation to Brent Luis Lim’s Mickey Mouse and Friends’ Christmas-themed 1st birthday celebration!

“We chose the Disney theme with a Christmas twist because for my husband Cole and I, it’s the perfect choice for the holiday season”, shares the celebrant’s hands-on mom Jules.

Young entrepreneurs Brenda Cam and Nancy Du of Passion Flowers and Balloons did an impressive job sprucing up the Ladislawa Garden Village Country Club into a vibrant winter wonderland/‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’.

The party venue’s brick-designed doorway was decked out with hanging stockings, poinsettias and other ornaments. Guests were greeted by a lovable snowman balloon sculpture and a Mickey Mouse standee dressed as Santa Claus. Shimmering Mickey topiaries accented with bold hues of Christmas contour cut-outs adorned the reception table.

“Since gift giving is an integral part of the Christmas season, Brenda and Nancy prepared striking gift balloon sculptures as well as flying balloons. The ceiling was filled with giant Christmas ball balloons, chandelier balloons and cloth drapings”, details Jules who also has an older daughter named Quisha.

A dazzling snowy Christmas tree rested in the middle of the stage surrounded by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck in their adorable Santa outfits and bearing Yuletide presents. In addition, multi-colored lights and glittery letterings of the celebrant’s name were creatively displayed above the stage. Completing the winter Christmas theme was a painting of snow-covered paths and pine trees.

The delectable birthday cake by Beverly Sanz of Sweet Creations consisted of three layers and was decorated with multiple Mickey Mouse heads and Christmas trees in red, blue and green.

Kiddie guests donned their Mickey-shaped ears as they savored yummy treats from Hotdog Delights, Mister Donut, Black Pearl Shakes and Miguelito’s Ice Cream. These whimsical ‘ear’pieces were also worn as they lined up for Mickey photo sessions by Imagine Digital Fotofun.

In the spacious clubhouse garden, thrilling game booths were set up where the little ‘Mouseketeers’ had a blast playing basketball, bowling, fishing and dart. The unique magical puppet show, one of Gigz Unlimited’s newest offerings, also delighted the guests.

Personalized Mickey Mouse party bags and bean bags served as the birthday bash’s souvenirs.

We share photos of this merry Mickey party by Imagine Digital Fotofun.

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