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Train up your child


“Train up your child”
Sun.Star Davao, Oct. 1, 2016
936 weeks.

Do you know that a parent has only 936 weeks between a child’s birth and graduation to influence their future?

I learned this fascinating trivia and so much more during a recent parenting seminar entitled “Train Up Your Child” by our esteemed speakers, inspiring couple Edric Mendoza and Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza. The well-attended talk was organized by the Davao Christian High School Parents-Teachers Fellowship.

Edric is currently the TV host, lead anchor and writer of ANC’s “On the Money”, a daily show on personal finance. He is also an edu-preneur (education entrepreneur) and a Registered Financial Planner (RFP). As a result of these education initiatives, he desires to change the world, one family at a time.

He is happily married to Joy, the eldest daughter of Pastor Peter Tan-Chi of Christ's Commission Fellowship and Deonna, an American missionary from Florida.

Joy is an awarded blogger for her well-loved site, and an author. She is likewise an in-demand speaker for topics on marriage, parenting, and homeschooling.

Edric and Joy are extremely blessed with five beautiful children, namely: Elijah, Edan, Titus, Tiana and Catalina. Together, they champion homeschooling because they feel that this is the best way to impart their values to their children. Joy handles the academic subjects while Edric takes care of the character, mentoring of the boys and sports.

In their talk, the Mendozas creatively used the acronym of “TRAIN UP” to stress the importance of a parent’s role in shaping their children’s character and values. T is for “Think of a plan”; R for “Remember your roles”; A for “Anchor your children on God’s word”; I for “Impart values through Modeling”; N for “Nurture relationships”; U for “Utilize corrective discipline”; and P for “Pass-on a vision and pray”.

Certainly, one of the toughest challenges of being a parent is how to utilize corrective discipline to our kids.
Edric explains that the word “discipline” means “to create a disciple”. Therefore, discipline cannot happen effectively without discipleship and relationship. Its focus should not be on the behavior but the heart.

The father of five stresses that “obedience is for our children’s good because obedience brings blessings”. He also cites that the necessary aspects of discipline include clear commands that must be authoritative; consequences such as restrictions, loss of privileges, and, yes, spanking if necessary; and consistency.

According to the Mendozas, the reality of parenting today is that our children are growing up in a morally toxic world. Thus, it is imperative that parents control the portal, that is, we must set the boundaries for the use of gadgets/TV/internet. As a family, we should likewise develop the habit of filtering and practice a culture of open communication.

Moreover, the study of God’s word should be prioritized in order for our kids to develop convictions that are anchored on truth. The couple emphasizes that developing convictions is essential before situations present themselves and choices have to be made like “taking care of one’s body, staying pure, using their time wisely and choosing the right circle of friends”.

As the Mendozas concluded their talk, they reminded the parents that “we are not raising children but raising adults who are men and women of God”.

Indeed, being a parent is among the most difficult yet fulfilling jobs in the world.  When the time comes, nothing will make us prouder as parents than to see our children grow up to become responsible and well-rounded adults who love and honor God above anyone else.

Proverbs 22:6 aptly captures the essence of the parenting experience, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it".

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