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Yanna's galloping gala

“Yanna’s galloping gala”
Sun.Star Davao, Feb. 27, 2016

Enchanting“My Little Pony” characters galloped their magical way to Julianna Nicole’s first birthday bash at the Davao Convention and Trade Center recently.

Lovingly called Yanna by her doting parents, Hanz and Barbie Uyking, the birthday babe is the apple of her big sister Johanna Blair’s eyes who personally handpicked the party theme.

“Since Blair is so fond of ponies, she was totally hands-on in picking “My Little Pony”  souvenirs, invitations and games for her little sister’s celebration”, shares Barbie.

The pretty mom also intimated that the vibrant hues of the theme perfectly complemented Yanna’s colorful personality whom she describes as a happy and fuss-free baby who rarely throws tantrums. “She only becomes slightly unpleasant when her scheduled nap time is interrupted”, Barbie smiles gratefully.

Charrise Sy of the Partysysters creatively showcased Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Applejack in the delightful life-sized styro decors at the entrance, stage backdrop and table centerpieces.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s Cheesecakes’s scrumptious Fluttershy cupcakes, Applejack sugar cookies, and other pony-inspired heavenly desserts were a hit among the guests along with the face painting booth where the young ones had their favorite cartoon characters meticulously painted on their faces.

The myriad of party games by the engaging and charming party host Jymmez Infiesto were stimulating and interactive. On the other hand, the upbeat dance steps pysched up the zealous kiddie guests to join in the fun.

At the ‘galloping gala’, Jymmez likewise introduced a new bubble game where kids held a cake marvelously made out of bubbles. Of course, the lovable Yanna had an extra big bubble cake which she shared with her equally adorable Achie Blair. The sweet sisters had a blast blowing bubbles to the other kids as they sang the birthday song with gusto.

“My Little Pony centers on the essence of friendship. And, our family and I were ecstatic that all the kids made new friends as well as bonded with their old pals at Yanna’s birthday revelry”, ends Barbie.

We share photos by master photographer Milvene Mineses of Simply Gray Studios.

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