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A three-rific birthday bonanza


                                                   “A three-rific birthday bonanza”
Sun.Star Davao, Sept. 21, 2013
Mark and Angel Labrador’s challenging journey in having their much-awaited triplets was an emotional yet rewarding roller coaster ride for the entire family.

"Our firm decision to keep the three babies, in spite of the doctors’ advice, involved sacrifices and was quite risky. But in the end, it was well worth it. Thank God we made it through! Having three healthy babies was truly a miracle. We are so blessed!”, Mommy Angel beams with pride.

Although they have two older daughters Aalia (12) and Ava (3), nothing could have prepared Mark and Angel for their new roles as hands-on parents to triplets. They were pleasantly surprised that even if the triplets were born at the same time, each child is delightfully distinct with his/her God-given personalities, talents and quirks.

Terrific three

“Aluna was the first to be born among the three. Her cry is the ‘big moment’ for me. Since she was the smallest and tucked in an odd position, her ‘coming out’ was the one I was looking forward to the most”, recalls Angel.

Growing up, Angel observes that Aluna remains the “sensitive one; smallest but with the biggest heart”. She also throws the biggest smiles and giggles of all and maintains her title of being the ‘first’ – she’s the first to crawl, stand on her own, do baby tricks like ‘close/open’, unassisted tummy time and more.

On the other hand, Marcus who was born the biggest is the sweetest. Regardless of being the only boy in the family, he’s always the last when it comes to attention contrary to what people expect. “He takes after his dad, a true gentleman, who believes that ladies should always be first”, Angel smiles.

“Marcus is a genuine Daddy’s Boy. His first word was “Papa” and clings on his dad like a glue. He’s also a jolly little fellow and the more sociable among them. Marcus eats like a horse and sleeps like a rock!”, laughs the amused mom.

And lastly, there is little Alani whom Angel describes as the “fiercest among them all”. “She screams like a siren and bites everything and anyone that’s in her way, including her brother or her sisters. Alani is the first one to walk unassisted and eats anything with no apprehension”, Angel details.

“I believe Alani is born to dance. She dances when she hears music and sings along as well. It will be quite interesting what she will become in years to come”, says Angel excitedly.

Hostess with the mostest

When it came to preparing for the triplets’ first birthday party, Mommy Angel, who has gained the reputation through the years as the ‘hostess with the mostest’, was for the first time at a loss in choosing the party theme.

Aluna, Marcus and Alanis’ christening reception alone held last February 2013 at the Marco Polo Davao Ballroom was the talk of the town when the Labradors brought no less than esteemed Manila-based event organizer Rita Neri; florist Jing Tanada; cake artist Penk Ching; and the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra to be part of the grand and elegant affair.

“At first, it was difficult to decide which theme suited our triplets for their birthday because they are multi-gender”, shares Angel.

“So, we thought it would be more appropriate to do animals and basic colors and in order for it to be different, we thought of something modern and somewhat ‘organic’ “, Angel explains.

Angel usually thinks of themes and looks for pegs about six months ahead as she is not a “fan of pressure”. “I am very meticulous on every aspect of every party I plan and that’s the reason why Winnie Go of Party Perks-Manila who also happens to be the godmother of my second daughter Ava, is my best bet when it comes to party planning. She is so much like me – into the very detail of things”, Angel declares.

Modern white wilderness

During the triplets’ 1st birthday, the SMX Convention Center was splendidly transformed into an awesome jungle but with a twist -- it had an all-white modern wilderness theme.

At the entrance, lovely toy ponies, ready to be ridden, greeted the kiddie guests. On the other hand, the scrumptious dessert buffet spread by Lachi’s was every sweet tooth’s dream come true brimming with animal-shaped cookies, French macarons, crème brulee, dozens of beige-colored cakes bedecked with adorable animal toppers and so much more.

As guests arrived at the party venue, they marvelled at the hundreds of white balloons with gold and silver accents on the ceiling and tables that looked endless and ethereal. In addition, gargantuan wooden animal silhouettes regally stood all over SMX.

While waiting for the party to begin, kids had a blast creating their animal terrariums.

The white guest tables had alphabet blocks with gold-colored animal figures and stuffed animals that Angel especially bought in the U.S. “I was very particular on picking the right kind of animals. The colors should fit our theme”, points out Angel.

The seasoned face painter, party host Sugus, Pilipinas Got Talent magician Cris and the amazing neon show/hand mime artists came all the way from Manila making the triplets’ birthday celebration extra special.

Meanwhile, the neon lights show was something that was never seen before at local children’s parties. “It highlighted three of my well-loved songs dedicated to each of my triplets, namely: “At the Beginning” for Alani; “You Will Be in My Heart” for Marcus; and “Count On Me” for Aluna”, Angel discloses.

The exquisite food catered by the charming Baby Montemayor of Villa Margarita showcased its mouth-watering specialties such as U.S. Angus Prime Roast Beef; Lengua Pastel; Chicken Relleno; Menudo Sulipena; Fettucine ala Roma; and Lapu-Lapu Meuniere with Hazelnut Buttercream and Sauce Nantua; among others.

Aside from the all-time favorite burgers and spaghetti, the kiddie guests feasted on french fries from Potato Corner; Krispy Kreme Donuts; and Basti’s Brew Pizza.

Animal-shaped crackers inside clear buckets and stuffed animals were the much-coveted party give-aways.

Without fail, Angel has lived up to her title as the ‘hostess with the mostest’ with this three-rific birthday bonanza!

We share photos of the joyful occasion by multi-awarded photographer Lito Sy.

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