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Malagos Farm Fair 2011

“Malagos Farm Fair 2011”
Sun.Star Davao, Sept. 17, 2011

For two spectacular days last month, Dabawenyos were treated to a wholesome and fun-filled event during the most anticipated 2nd Malagos Farm Fair.

Held at one of Davao’s premier tourist destinations, Malagos Garden Resort, the well-attended affair was conceptualized by the dynamic Puentespina family as an occasion for their different farms to showcase crops as well as highlight the menagerie of farm animals that their family grows.

With the theme, “Responsible and Efficient Farming Systems”, city folks of all ages trooped to the farm fair to enjoy delightful farm games, exhibitions, crops and livestock seminars, food tasting and entertainment.

That wonderful weekend, Malagos Garden Resort became an “open house” where guests marveled at the resort’s vast farms and breathtaking gardens. The visitors also learned the ways and techniques of various farm operations such as cacao growing, dairy goat and cow operation, organic fertilizer and vermi-culture projects, environmental stewardship, among others.

The Puentespina family takes pride in being a strict observer of sustainable farm management. They are strong advocates of zero waste in the farm. This has gained the family’s farm the reputation of being an agri-tourism destination for best practices.

Mimicking traditional practices of rural farmers, the farm fair featured an auction sale of farm animals. During the wacky farm games, some guests also got the rare opportunity to win their very own farm animals including dairy goats, cows, ostriches, pheasants, birds, chickens, ducks and even horses!

Exhibit booths for animal sale, Agri-Vet, Agro-Chem and Agro-Tech, souvenirs, crafts, plants, food and fresh produce were likewise a hit with the guests.

One of the newest activities of the farm fair was the exciting Malagos Pet Parade where animal lovers proudly brought their darling pets to join in the parade. Pet lovers happily spent the day with their beloved pets in a farm fair atmosphere.

Philippine-made cheese advocate Olive Puentespina together with one of the country’s leading chefs, Jill Sandique, and other agriculture experts were among the resource speakers who gave impressive lectures on diverse topics.

Olive, the woman behind Malagos Cheese, is the country’s first artisan cheese maker. She gave an interesting talk on “Appreciating Local Cheese with New World Wines”. The engaging food tasting event included a sampling of Malagos Farmhouse’s delectable cheese paired with wine made from home-grown berries or beer.

The guests’ visit to the farm fair was even made more memorable and complete after they witnessed the highly acclaimed and world class Malagos Interactive Bird Show.

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