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Mattytouille Magnifique

"Mattytouille magnifique"
Sun.Star Davao, Oct. 24, 2009

At the young age of 8, Matthew Nathaniel “Matty” Achanzar Ramirez already has a vision for the future...he wants to be a chef!
Having such creative and culinary geniuses as parents--Cake Temptations’ Moi and Joy Ramirez must have played an immense influence on Matty.

On their spare time, Matty and his elder brother Mojo willingly act as ‘junior assistants’ in making their parents’ whimsical cake decorations, just for fun.

Cake Temptations is the first cake shop in Davao City to concentrate on “unique, detailed, funny and personalized cake toppers for all occasions”. Just starting in 2007, the Ramirez couple has attracted national media attention by being featured on “Entrepreneur” magazine and “Ruffa and Ai”, Ruffa Gutierrez and Ai-Ai de las Alas’ ABS-CBN morning TV show.

They have also graced many celebrity parties by whipping up the remarkable personalized cakes of Manny Pacquiao, Sharon Cuneta, Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino, Marian Rivera, Lorin Bektas (Ruffa Gutierrez’ daughter) and MYMP’s Juris Fernandez and Chin Alcantara.

Mattytouille magnifique
Recently, ‘Chef’ Matty had the ultimate party of his dreams when he celebrated his 8th birthday party with a fantastic Ratatouille theme. The Marco Polo Grand Ballroom was masterfully transformed by 777 Party Fanatics to “Mattytouille”!

“I started preparing for Matty’s party around mid-July but due to my hectic schedule, I had to ask my good friend Joy Inocencio of 777 Party Fanatics to coordinate with the food carts, decors and other party needs. I was only able to finalize everything only during the 1st week of September”, shares Matty’s mom, Joy.
Since Ratatouille’s characters were not that colorful, it was quite a challenge for 777 Party Fanatics to make the grand celebration lively and festive.

As there was a previous function prior to Matty’s party, 777 Party Fanatics only had four hours to decorate the ballroom. Nevertheless, even with the time constraints, Joy Inocencio gave her full attention even to the smallest details. She used violet, lime green, aqua blue and yellow as the main colors of the party. On the other hand, red and pink were utilized as the accent colors.

“There were 2 kinds of personalized table centerpieces, the balloon pillar centerpiece with the logo “Matty @ 8” and the “Mattytouille” box with helium-filled flying balloons and imported Ratatouille-themed Mylar balloons. Each table had a Remy stuffed toy carrying the personalized PVC card with the party details”, describes Joy Inocencio.

A giant kitchen painting served as the center stage backdrop with life-size Ratatouille character styrofoam standees such as Remy, Linguini, Colette, Skinner and Emile.

“For the ceiling, 777 Party Fanatics utilized lots of tulles and balloons plus floating styrofoam kitchen utensils like rolling pins, kitchen knives, frying pan, spatula, chef hat, and fork. Indeed, 777 Party Fanatics made sure every detail was perfect!”, gushes Joy, the full-time mom turned baker/entrepreneur.

Yummy party
Happy Parties imaginatively created Matty’s invitations, photo booth stubs, souvenir claim stubs and VIP entrance stubs which carried the exciting “Mattytouille” theme.

The unique birthday invitation had a “Mattytouille” menu design featuring the party’s seven food carts, namely: Basti’s Brew pizza, Potato Corner french fries, Thumbs Up ice cream, Smokey’s hotdog, Cotton Candy, All that Juice, and Allegro ice cream sandwich; Marco Polo’s sumptuous buffet spread; and Lachi’s heavenly dessert bar.

The delighted guests feasted on delectable Mixed Garden Greens, Seafood Chowder with Bread and Butter, Baby Back Ribs with Maple Sweet Corn Kernels, Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Shrimp and Dill Cream Sauce, Roasted Pork Meat with Liver Sauce and Fettuccine Pasta with Chicken.

In addition, Lachi’s owners and twin brothers Mike and Melvin Aviles showcased their mouth watering pastries and desserts such as Chinese Spoon Creme Brulee, Summer Fruit Tarts, NY Cheesecakes, Dark Choco Mallow, Mini Dark Truffle Hearts, Cashew Mocha Torte, Davao Durian Cheesecake, Brazo de Mercedes and Fruit Salad with Ice Cream.

Upon entering the ballroom, the kiddie guests were gifted with toques and aprons in bright colors which they eagerly wore throughout the party.
Matty’s towering Ratatouille birthday cake had 8 amazing layers lovingly made by his parents.
Its culinary-inspired decorations included an oven, burner, pot, pan, loaf of bread, cake, cheese, sausage, vegetables and of course, Remy together with the gigantic number 8 on top.

Moreover, Imagine Digital Fotofun displayed a “Mattytouille” photo booth where party guests gamely posed, smiled and said “cheese!”.

Most sought-after prizes for the games superbly hosted by ‘Chef’ James Infiesto were oven mitts; Remy and Emile stuffed toys; Ratatouille notebooks, keychains, erasers and coloring books; various plastic cooking utensils; food-related toys; and many more.

For give-aways, the adult guests went home with cans of Pringles tagged with personalized “Mattytouille” thank you cards while the kids received multi-hued bags stuffed with all kinds of goodies and bread rolls. The give-aways, toques and aprons were likewise supplied by Happy Parties.

With the innovative interpretation of the Ratatouille theme in every aspect of the birthday party, even the fastidious critic Anton Ego would agree that “Mattytouille” rightfully deserves his rave review!

Special thanks to Imagine Digital Fotofun for the party photos.

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The Phenomenal Woman said...

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Yes, that's true, Tina! Matty is such a fortunate kid to have loving parents like Moi and Joy. His party was truly amazing and creative :-)

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WOW!! what a party!!!