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The sweet life of Zach

"The sweet life of Zach"
Sun.Star Davao, Aug. 1, 2009

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you will certainly be amazed with Zachary Gabriel Barretto Uy’s recent 1st “Candy and Chocolate Factory” birthday bash, which was pure saccharine heaven on earth!

Inspired by the movie, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, the ever meticulous Davao-based party planner Annie Paz-Lim made Zach’s loving parents Morris “Moe” Uy and Bianca Barretto-Uy’s sugary dreams come true.

“The theme was perfect since it’s one of Moe’s favorite movies as a kid. Moreover, Zach’s baptismal souvenirs were Hershey chocolate bars with “HEREHEIS” printed on the wrapper. So, the theme was sort of a follow-up/sequel to Zach’s baptismal celebration”, shares pretty mom Bianca.

Sugar Central

Weeks before the grand celebration, guests received bright rectangular-shaped invitations with a cute photo of Zach riding a whimsical train overflowing with tasty treats. It read, “Welcome to Zach’s Candy and Chocolate Factory”. Let’s all ring the bell as he turns 1!”.

With such an enticing and one-of-a-kind invitation, it was no wonder that even if Zach’s birthday fell on a school day, almost all the invitees headed off to the celebrant’s very own Sugar Central for the important occasion.

“Moe and I were in high spirits to see nearly 200 of our dearest family members and friends at the celebration”, exclaims Bianca, who is also a doting mom to eldest son Quentin Rafael or Quent.

And, definitely, the party lived up to everyone’s sweet expectations!

Candy and chocolate factory

The Davao Convention and Trade Center was truly a welcome “sight for sore throat”. Brilliantly bedecked with “larger than life” lollipop, candy and chocolate balloons and styrofoam decorations in lively hues, it was like stepping inside the magical fantasy land of Willy Wonka.

At “Zach’s Candy and Chocolate Corner”, children could choose five kinds of any imported/local candies and chocolates that their appetites desired. The irresistible cotton candy cart and Allegro Ice Cream booth were a sure hit with the guests, too. Craving for some chips?

Munch away at “Zach’s Crunchy Snack Bar”!

Aside from the tummy-filling feast excellently prepared by DAVCON, guests were also treated to refreshing juice drinks from “Zach’s Juice Bar”; scrumptious pizza from Basti’s Brew; and cold and hot coffee concoctions from BluGre.

Want to have your “cookie” and eat it too? It’s all possible at the do-it-yourself “Decorate a Cookie” corner set up by master chef Booboo Carandang-Maramba, who likewise whipped up Zach’s 1st birthday cake.

“Zach’s cake was an oversized cupcake house surrounded by kids hugging lollies done in gum paste. Booboo did an exceptional job for it looked so appealing and yummy. For me, it was the kind of cake that was suitable for a 1st birthday party”, observes Bianca.

Sugar rush

The active kids burned off unwanted calories and satisfied their sugar rush by playing at the “Dart the Lollipops”, “Shoot the M&M Ball” game booths and jumped to their hearts’ content at the gigantic inflatable castle provided by Tisha Benedicto-Sebastian’s Jumpers Express.

In addition, amiable party host Ellen Garcia facilitated thrilling candy and chocolate-themed games such as the “Marshmallow Eating Contest”, “Chocolate Relay” and “Pass the Giant Toblerone”. Supersized Chupa Chups lollilops and M&M alarm clocks served as the most sought-after prizes.

Personalized bag tags and photos as well as colorful rectangular patent bags stuffed with an assortment of mouth-watering goodies, toys and surprises were among the many memorable souvenirs the kiddie guests received at the party.

The sweet life of Zach

“The most endearing part of the occasion for us would be the audio-visual presentation”, shares Bianca.

Touching photos of Zach taken by Papa Moe were shown while the song “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins was being played. “It instantly became Ahia Quent’s favorite song! After the party, Quent went on singing the song and called it “Zach’s party song”, adds Bianca.

With the flurry of activities prepared by Annie, Moe and Bianca could see that everyone’s faces were brimming with delight.

“We were so pleased with the outcome. My family and I couldn’t contain our happiness that the party was a huge success. Most importantly, we felt that Zach really loved and appreciated his party”, ends Bianca with her charming smile.

Such is the sweet life of Zach!

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