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Look what the stork brought in

"Look what the stork brought in"
Sun.Star Davao, July 25, 2009

Over a year ago, two good friends and photographers Sofia Genato and Stan Ong invited a few close friends with children to a rented studio and shot all day.

“I remember the nervousness, the excitement and laughs we had that day. Stan and I were new to the whole experience and just had basic lights. We were feeling our way through each shoot and family but were so lucky to have had such great models. In the end, we came out with several pretty awesome shots--some of which still take our breath away today”, fondly recalls Sofia.

That evening, Sofia and Stan had no idea where their love for photography would lead them. However, they were willing to take a chance and just pursue their dream. Thus, the zealous shutterbugs opened The Stork Studio—masterfully capturing “photographs that transcend time”.

Look what the stork brought in

The Stork Studio offers custom child photography which goes beyond the “usual posed and costumed baby photo”.

“We decided to take our passion for photography, art and kids further and are specializing in newborn, baby, child, maternity and family moments photography”, shares Stan who is married to a Dabawenya lawyer and breastfeeding advocate, Jennifer Ong.

Stan assures that The Stork Studio is “not the typical chain store or studio that you can find in malls or department stores. We are real photographers who have trained, studied and have special skills in handling and picturing babies and children”.

Whether shooting from their home-based studio in Makati or private home visits and location shoots, the camera-clicking duo want the atmosphere to be relaxed and enjoyable. They even offer pre-consultation sessions with the parents prior to the shoot, if requested.

After only a year in the business, look what the stork brought in--more than a hundred satisfied and happy clients who appreciate the studio’s distinct style of professional and personalized photography!

Celebration of life

Sofia and Stan know that the best shots come from the most unexpected moments and need to be caught in the blink of an eye. Hence, they usually shoot with at least 2 photographers, in order to make sure that they do not miss out on that moment.

“We take photos that capture your children's life moments, show their personality and your unique relationship with each other. These are the giddy giggles, peals of laughter and magical discoveries that bring about wonder and simple joys - even those that are filled with tears. We want people to look at our photos and be moved by them”, explains Sofia.

Sofia discloses that she enjoys picturing babies and children because of their innocence and peace. She takes time in working with the family so that the photos will “express the true spirit of the children, the love between the parents and kids, and the wonder of new beginnings”. “I would say that my style of photography is a celebration of life”, she adds.

Hit me with your best shot

“Babies photograph best at newborn, 3, 6, 9 months and 12 months then at 18 months and again at 2 years. We also photograph children of any age”, Stan says.

“Newborns are ideally photographed before they are 10 days old, so let us know once the baby is born so we can schedule a session. We are very competent in handling newborns and babies, so you need not worry. The newborn sessions are very professional, hygienic, relaxing and tender. We also do home service sessions”, Stan shares.

“For booking sessions, The Stork Studio encourages you to plan your day. We adjust to the child's 'best time' of the day so this may entail some clearing of schedules on the parent's part. It is important for us not to rush the one-hour session”, the father of one continues.

“On the other hand, we encourage moms-to-be to book their sessions at least 2 months (35 weeks) before their due date. Bellies are at their best shape and size at this time”, he advises.

The stork is coming to town

This coming December 2009, Stan will be in Davao City for the Christmas holidays. His supportive wife and greatest fan, Jenny, convinced him to take this chance to book interested Dabawenyos for The Stork Studio shoots.

In the past, Stan has photographed adorable Davao babies like Chelsea (daughter of Caca Limso-Go), Liam (son of Charyl Martin-Haw) and Micah (daughter of Dr. Rachelle Chua-Descallar).

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Dabawenyos to get those Stork Studio shots, without having to travel to Manila”, invites Stan.

Stan will be accepting bookings for December 27 and 28, 2009. For bookings, you may email (subject: The Stork Studio) or text 0922-8982713. Log on to or for more information.

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