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A tradition of good food

"A tradition of good food"
Sun.Star Davao, Feb. 7, 2009

For Architect Anselmo “Elmo” Ferrazzini, his latest business ventures, Mamu’s Resto-Bar and Anisabel Suites are meant to provide frequent travelers a ‘home away from home’.

Married to Mylene Isabel (nee Sison), a Business Management graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University, the Ferrazzinis are blessed with three lovely children, namely: Marie Dominique, a 5th year architecture student from the Ateneo de Davao University; Alejandro Juanin, a student of the International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) in Katipunan, Manila; and Raphael, a 2nd year architecture student from the University of Santo Tomas.

Although this is the first time that he and his wife opened their very own restaurant, Elmo belongs to the Ferrazzini family which owns and operates the Merco chain of bakeshops and restaurants in the city for three generations.

“Family gatherings on both sides of the family are also celebrated in our home. In addition, we regularly welcome to our house people in the construction industry - clients, contractors and suppliers. Friends have come to our home for gatherings like family members do”, Elmo relates.

A tradition of good food

Instead of mama, “Mamu” is the name I call my wife Mylene. I dedicate this restaurant to her and in her care I entrust its success”, divulges Elmo.

Originally, Mamu’s Resto-Bar was intended to service the food requirements of the hotel,
Anisabel Suites. However, through its own merit, Mamu’s has carved its own niche of local patrons.

Mamu’s mouth-watering dishes are actually family favorites handed down from generations that Elmo and Mylene have come to personalize in their own home.

“These dishes are part of our family tradition in celebrating special occasions which we wish to share to all our friends, customers and guests”, says Mylene.

“Based on our patrons’ preferences, the lengua, pork binagoongan, pot roast, beef abodo (yes, not adobo), tetrazzini, minestrone, shrimp curry, pote gallego and durian float have become the bestsellers”, Mylene adds.

Mamu’s food price range is between P100 and P300 with portion sizes of the dishes good enough for 2 to 3 persons. “The intention is a mini buffet per table to provide a more balanced array of choices for gatherings of family and friends”, suggests Mylene.

Casual dining

The 100-square meter restaurant has a seating capacity of 28 persons only. It has also an outdoor patio which can accommodate 34 persons. A mini function room for small meetings can seat 8 persons.

Mamu’s tasteful interior design exudes a cozy ambience that is perfect for both romantic dates and get-togethers with family and friends.

Diffused lighting and heavy wooden reception and buffet counters lend warmth to the restaurant. The red walls complement well with the comfortable neutral-colored oversized chairs. Shelves with stoneware pots, vases and tea pots add to the restaurant’s general appeal.

Mylene discloses that opening a restaurant near their family home allows a careful balance of concerns and resources. She feels privileged and honored to work with a loving household and office staff that provided an anchor for the architectural office and the newly-opened restaurant and hotel through more than 2 years of cancer treatment for Elmo.

“We all respect the fact that it serves as a “source of living” for everyone involved and out of this respect stems our efforts to serve our patrons to the best of our ability”, she reveals.

Nurturing relationships

“Most of the major milestones in life are celebrated with food. With the passing of a generation, the next generation takes responsibility to uphold family traditions and in turn prepares to pass it on to the next. Celebrating occasions together make us family and friends”, Mylene reflects.

“Good tasting food not only nourishes the body – but provides that ingredient to nurturing relationships in celebration as well as out of concern, compassion and care to family as well as friends”, she adds.

Mylene advises other moms who wish to open their own restaurant to “Do their homework well. Being a wife and mother with a business is a tough balancing act. It requires proper setting of priorities and time management”.

“Surprisingly, we are very honored of the public’s reactions to Mamu’s Resto-Bar. Early on, we already have regular patrons. We hope to become a destination for families and the business community”, Mylene enthuses.

For the ‘mompreneur’, Mamu’s secret recipe is: “Take fresh ingredients and mix gently into the cooking pan....Always clean as you go….Simmer in the right cooking temperature. Handle with care and serve with your heart”.

These spell Mamu’s delicious recipe for success!


This Valentine’s Day, enjoy a plated dinner of pomelo green salad, chicken asparagus soup, prawns in white wine and herbs over a crab pesto pasta and sans rival with decaf or brewed coffee (P750 per person) while being serenaded with love songs by Johanie and Meloy. The Valentine dinner will have two ‘waves’. The first one starts at 6 pm and the second, at 9 pm.


Mamu’s Resto-Bar and Anisabel Suites are located at 88 Bacaca Road, Davao City. Tels. (082) 2258114 and 3051612. Open Monday to Sunday (except Sunday lunch) from 7 am-12 midnight. For inquiries, contact Ms. Luvluv Tan (Marketing Manager) and Ms. Dawn Lasap (Guest Relations Manager).

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