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Ravin' over Ratatouille

"Ravin’ over Ratatouille"
Sun.Star Davao, Jan. 17, 2009

Megan Paige Yu’s first birthday party was every little chef’s dream come true!

Held at the Davao Convention and Trade Center recently, toques and aprons welcomed the young boys and girls who attended the spectacular Ratatouille-themed birthday bash.

Ratatouille is Pixar Film’s computer-animated movie about Remy, a rat who dreams to become a chef with the help of a restaurant garbage boy, Alfredo Linguini. In 2008, Ratatouille received the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, among other honors.

“The chef theme is close to my heart because when I was pregnant with Paige, I took up a short culinary course. Also, since Paige just loves to eat, Ratatouille suits her penchant for food”, shares Maybelle, the proud mom of Paige.

Together with husband Cliff, Maybelle prepared for the ‘gastronomic’ party in just over a month.

For invitations, the Yus gave Ratatouille movie DVDs creatively adorned with dainty ribbons and stickers about the party details.

Astrochairs executed the imaginative party decorations. Colorful Ratatouille mylar balloons and kiddie cookware toys served as the table centerpieces while balloon columns and gigantic styrofoam standees of Remy and Linguini were utilized as the stage backdrop design.

The culinary-inspired activities included “Make Your Own Cupcake” where Center for Asian Culinary Studies Davao’s Chef Booboo Carandang-Maramba showed the eager kids how to put icing and different candy frosting on the scrumptious cupcakes. Later, each child got to decorate their own cupcake.

Well-loved party host James Infiesto was dressed as a professional chef himself as he facilitated the exciting program.

In addition, the “Chef Relay” was one of the most thrilling games where kids balanced kitchenware toys on a plate while trying to be the first group to finish the race.

Chef Booboo who is also the owner of Natalie’s Cakes masterfully created the splendid three-tiered fondant Ratatouille cake which earned raves from the guests.

The bottom layer had a toque-wearing Remy surrounded by eggplants, carrots, onions and red bell peppers, the essential ingredients of a signature ratatouille dish. A slice of cheese, spatula, oven mitts and knives consisted of the middle portion’s decor. On the other hand, a “steaming” purple-colored pot with a flower design was used on the top layer.

Aside from the sumptuous buffet by DAVCON, guests likewise savored the lip-smacking food and drinks from Allegro Ice Cream, All That Juice and Potato Corner.

Imagine Fotofun Digital Express set up a party booth with Ratatouille picture cards as souvenirs while Ratatouille futon chairs were the party give-aways.

A feast for the eyes, a treat for the tummy...the Yu family cooked up a yummy Ratatouille party!

Special thanks to Imagine Digital Fotofun Express for the party photos.

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