Saturday, December 27, 2008

NCCC Cares presents 'Barney Live in Davao'

"NCCC Cares presents Barney Live in Davao", Sun.Star Davao, Dec. 17, 2008

“Super-dee-duper excited!”

Definitely, that’s how Davao’s toddlers, pre-school and grade school kids felt when their all-time favorite characters came to the city recently for Barney’s “Dino-mite Birthday...Live on Stage” at the CAP Auditorium.

The six-foot purple and green dinosaur Barney was joined by his other equally popular dino friends Baby Bop, B.J. and the latest addition to the group, Riff.

While preparing for Barney’s surprise birthday bash, the adorable characters entertained the audience as they performed well-loved tunes such as “The Rainbow Song”, “You are Special”, “Mr. Knickerbocker”, “Patty Cake”, “I Love You”, “Mr. Sun”, among others through the help of the Fabulous Musical Fun Machine.

The first-ever Barney concert in Davao was made possible by New City Commercial Center (NCCC) Cares, NCCC Department Store, City Government of Davao and McDale Events and Production Group.

The “Dino-mite Birthday...Live on Stage” had three successful runs during its one-day Davao show. Afterwards, the concert was staged in Cagayan de Oro City and Iloilo City.

NCCC Cares

“NCCC Cares was incorporated in 2004 so that the caring activities of NCCC will have organizational focus. During our first year, we ventured into providing safety and emergency preparedness trainings to barangays with the assistance of an organization specializing in safety”, shares NCCC Cares president Lafayette Lim.

Furthermore, focusing on NCCC's strengths, NCCC Cares pursued the existing social works of the company.

“Its first task was to take over the segregation of the waste materials of the various stores. The materials recovery facility (MRF) was established for this purpose, where the scrap materials are sold and the sales used to fund the different programs of NCCC Cares”, Lafayette discloses.

“The MRF also became a primary part of the Environment Program, which includes coastal cleanups, tree planting, and reforestation. It has significantly reduced the amount of garbage the city collects from our stores”, adds Lafayette.

Another program of NCCC Cares is the Educational Assistance Program, where it sends (from elementary to college) indigent children who have a real interest to get an education. Currently, it has around 300+ educational grantees.

“Our other programs are the Care for the Associates Program, which aims to develop the social awareness of NCCC's associates through various activities, and the Care for the Community Program, which goal is to reach out to the various communities by providing for their basic needs”, explains Lafayette.

Christmas treat
As its Christmas treat, NCCC Cares sponsored 1,200 children from indigent families to watch the Barney’s “Dino-mite Birthday...Live on Stage” for free. The kids came from public schools, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the City Social Services Division Office, Kythe Foundation, Healing Hands, various barangays and NCCC Cares’ educational grantees.

“The kids really enjoyed watching the show. I was very happy and touched by the joy the show has given to these children who would never have had any way of watching it due to their family's poverty”, says Lafayette who is a father of two young kids.

“Each of us just needs to care for others in whatever way we can. If this is done with a genuine heart, then the blessings will come. NCCC was built on real service and grew from the blessings it keeps receiving. NCCC Cares will continue the caring heart of NCCC, assures Lafayette.

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