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Oh my Omni!

“Oh my Omni!”
Sun.Star Davao, Aug. 1, 2015

If you are a practical mom like me, choosing the right household appliances and lights is something one takes seriously to save on rising electricity costs.

After 15 years, our first-ever refrigerator as a married couple conked out which left us with no choice but to switch to a new one. This time, we decided to invest in an inverter-type ref. On the other hand, our trusty air conditioner was also given its due retirement following years of loyal service. These simple changes gave us reasons to smile whenever we received our monthly electric bill for we did experience significant savings. Best of all, our food stays fresh longer and our room cools more efficiently with the upgrades.

When it comes to value-for-money lighting, Filipino households have relied on Omni for generations.

Omni LED bulbs consume 90 percent less energy compared to Omni incandescent bulbs. Even if the bulbs have high luminous efficacy, they are low on energy consumption. Its low heat emission likewise aids in the air conditioner’s electricity costs.

Because of its efficiency, one can actually save an average of Php 1,584.00 on one-year electricity bill by switching just a single halogen bulb to an MR16 Omni LED. Furthermore, Omni LED bulbs can last up to 40 times more than regular incandescent bulbs, so one also saves on operational and maintenance cost.

Recently, Omni launched its first batch of Davao brand ambassadors. Here’s what some have to say regarding the well-loved Filipino brand which they not only use in their homes but in their businesses and professions as well:

“As our athletes work on their fitness, we make sure we work on our lighting. Finding the perfect illumination and temperature mix for our gym in only one brand.”---Trent Pruett and Kevin Cracknell, Coaches of Crossfit DMA.

“My profession calls for the best lighting system. That’s why for me there is only one brand.”---Sofia Sibala – Hair and Make-Up Artist

“I am very particular with my lights. They need to have the best balance of color, luminance and temperature; and I only know of one brand.”---Milvene Mineses, Photographer, WPPI Member, Owner of Simply Gray Studio

“Isa lang ang ilaw ng tahanan ko.” --- Erika Soriano-Mata, Wife and mother of 3, The woman behind HUMABI Bags for a Cause

“Counting, recording and monitoring are only a few of a banker’s endless tasks. This is why we require the best lighting system for the job – the kind of clarity, brightness, coolness and accuracy that only Omni can deliver.” --- Kristianne Jungco, Banker

“I do intensive research both online and on hard copies for my lectures. Cool and steady lights at home and in school make it possible.” --- Jade Solaña, CPA, MBA (CAR), College Instructor II

“I couldn’t have kept up with my studying schedule without dependable lights at home.”--- Gea Sedayao, San Pedro College graduate, incoming St. Luke’s Med student

“Only the best lighting for all our business operations.” ---Jun and Mimi Tupas, Entrepreneurs, One Fab Pooch, Soul Kitchen Co. and Soul Lifestyle

“A teacher’s work doesn’t end in school. Main reason why I only insist for the best brand every time I prepare at home.” ---Lunar Fayloga, Educator

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