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Explore the world with JAT Air

“Explore the world with JAT Air”
Sun.Star Davao, April 11, 2015

A world full of color, beauty and wonder via ‘JAT Airlines’ was what guests experienced during Joseph Adrian Tangtatco’s (JAT) travel-themed 1st birthday party at the Davao Convention and Trade Center.

"Due to our busy schedules, travelling is a way for us to unwind and give undivided to our children, in the process, strengthening our bond as a family”, share the birthday boy’s parents businessman Jet Tangtatco and dermatologist-wife Jenny Ang-Tangtatco.

As guests started to 'check-in' at the venue, they got the feel of being in an airport with signs mounted at every corner and station of the ballroom. Passengers “flew” on a big red giant plane which served as the photo booth's backdrop in 'Departing Flights'.

At the ‘Airport Lounge’, the choices were not limited to just coffee or tea but five refreshing beverages and several food kiosks. More mouth-watering desserts and sweet treats awaited guests at the ‘VIP Lounge’.
Welcoming the party ‘passengers’ were Daddy Jet and baby Joseph who looked dashing and debonair donning their pilot uniforms while Mommy Jenny and lovely daughter Jodie were elegantly beautiful in their flight attendant attires.

The Party SYster Co.’s ceiling works were quite a feast for the kids' eyes as three-dimensional red vintage planes were hung amidst warm sunset-colored skies. On the other hand, tall control towers and sleek toy planes were the centerpieces of all the guest tables.

Venture further, famous landmarks from prime destinations such as the Big Ben, Golden Gate Bridge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal and the Statue of Liberty were showcased as the party’s backdrop. 

Kids had their special seats at the front with their own themed placemats/coloring pages, crayolas, cups and airplane-juices. Every kiddie guest also got to take home their personalized luggage at the 'Baggage Claim' as party souvenirs.

Meanwhile, game booths were inspired with global themes such as Russian Roulette, Argentina Hoops and French Balloon Festival which were housed like gates at the ‘International Airport’.

To top it all off, entertainers performed magic and acrobatic stunts while some friends of Captain Joseph from all over the world danced to the tune of 'Take on the World' and 'Be Our Guest'.

A four-tiered, vintage travel-themed cake was inspired from an original piece made by Mionette Cakes from Indonesia. Altered and enhanced to draw personal touches from Joseph's parents who loved to travel around the world thereby including Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty and the Empire State as edible miniature toppers.

“As classic and vintage as it should appear, we made sure that the overall aura of the cake by iBake will still be as vibrant, colorful and youthful as our Joseph”, says Mommy Jenny.

On the occasion of his darling son’s 1st birthday, the proud mom has this message, “The world may be too big to fit in a party, but when your dreams take flight, your imagination can definitely take you places”.

Indeed, explore, dream and discover at JAT Airlines!

Special thanks to Simply Gray for the party photos.

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