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Transformers: Autobots Round-Up

“Transformers: Autobots Round-Up”
Sun.Star Davao, July 19, 2014

Every time my husband and I watch a Transformers movie, we cannot help but have our minds taken away to memories of our childhood.  

Now that we have kids in tow, we not only enjoy watching the latest T-movie (it’s how we affectionately call the movie at home) but also enjoy seeing our kids faces light up as my husband explains, with all seriousness worthy of a movie buff, the plot and the characters of the movie.

For this year’s T-movie, we were fortunate to be invited by Chevrolet Davao to enjoy the action-filled, most anticipated movie of the year as it rolls out our favorite autobots:  “Transformers - Age of Extinction”.

With all the mind-bending graphics, animation and action scenes, we were again treated to the bravado and heroism of Optimus Prime, and the playful naivete of the one of the most recognizable characters of the movie, Bumble Bee.

For the adults, no T-movie is without “quotable quotes” from the mighty Optimus Prime.  Once again, these quotes strike at the heart of the plot and bring us back to the good old days of the story.  How else can a metallic hero endear its fans than standing up against the might of an enemy complete with word after word of inspirational quotes, espousing the values of honesty, loyalty and sincerity?

The kids were once again awestruck with the iconic yellow and black Chevrolet Camaro as it takes center stage as the well-loved Autobot displaying compassion for the human race and the bravery of a true Autobot warrior. Our friends at Chevrolet Davao informed us that Bumble Bee initially takes form as a vintage 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS that eventually evolves to a Camaro concept car.

As expected, the kids were talking about the movie past their bedtime.  Each had her own favorite Autobot and favorite scenes.  My husband took time to stress that, as shown in the movie, the inherent values of goodness, persistency and hard work cement any bond, whether friendship or family, even as relationships go through challenges.

The use of technology, now that smartphones and tablets are pervasive, is second only to good moral values.  There is no point in using technology if it affects any aspect of humanity be it in the scale of Decepticon-type destruction or run-of-the-mill  “hand in the cookie jar” type of playful naughtiness.  

With twinkling in his eyes, my husband made a special mention about the cameos of the Dinobots, the animal-like robots appearing during the climax of the movie.  I am not familiar with their stories but was keenly aware that this will evoke in him another round of nostalgia and reminiscing the past.  

At this point, we had to switch off the lights for bed or else the kids will start off another round of questions and pleas for more stories!

A big big thanks to AB&T Resources, Inc., Chevrolet Davao dealer for the family movie treat! Chevrolet Davao has an ALL-NEW showroom at Km 7, J.P Laurel Ave., Lanang (near Grand Regal Hotel) and will also expand to General Santos City by August 2014.  

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