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'Come on and party' with Hi-5!

‘Come on and party’ with Hi-5!
Sun.Star Davao, Nov. 21, 2009

Interactively fun and packed with upbeat songs and dances, Angeli Domini Ho Lim’s recent 5th birthday party was a happy Hi-5 fiesta!

Hi-5 is a popular children’s TV show originally from Australia which is designed for children between two and six years old. Its educational content is specifically catered to different learning styles with an exciting mix of stories, investigation, imagination and adventure.

“The idea of a Hi-5 party came to me some time ago while I was watching Hi-5 DVDs with my kids, Angeli and Matt. While Angeli was 4 years old, she had been asking to go to Hong Kong Disneyland so I had already planned to bring my family there during the sem break”, shares Angeli’s doting dad Lafayette.

“One time, I mentioned to Angeli that we will not have a party for her 5th birthday because we have only money for either that or going to Disneyland. To my surprise, she chose to have a party instead, and even agreed to go to Disneyland when she was already 10 years old. If she only knew how long a time that will be!”, chuckles Lafayette.

“Near the day of the celebration, there were thoughts of cancelling the party due to recent catastrophic events in the country. But, we were celebrating not at the expense of those suffering, but because of something that needs celebrating: life, love, and family”, discloses Lafayette.

Lafayette and his wife Jeanette decided to just keep the party as simple as possible. “No more booths, just plain party fun. And we invited only friends and family who had little kids that will enjoy the concept”, reveals the hands-on dad.

Through the magical expertise of Angeli’s ninang, premier party planner Annie Paz Lim, Apo View’s Top of the Apo was transformed into Hi-5 heaven.

Bright and colorful flower and star-shaped balloons filled the party venue adding to the vibrant Hi-5 theme. Personalized orange and blue-colored storage boxes with Hi-5 cartoon designs creatively served a dual purpose as party souvenirs and table centerpieces.

First on Lafayette’s Hi-5 idea list was to get five people to dance as Hi-5’s original cast members Kathleen, Kellie, Charlie, Tim and Nathan. To achieve this, Hi-5 videos were shown on a big screen while live Hi-5 dancers performed on the dance floor bearing the signature Hi-5 logo.

This proved to be a big hit as the active kiddie guests tirelessly sang and danced to well-loved Hi-5 favorites “Energy”, “Come On and Party”, “L.O.V.E.”, “Ready or Not”, “Inside My Heart”, “Build It Up” and a lot more.

For party prizes and cake toppers, Lafayette searched patiently on eBay for genuine Hi-5 action figures. He even managed to purchase online a hard-to-find Jup-Jup stuffed toy, one of Hi-5’s endearing characters.

Kids attended the party in their prettiest and funkiest Hi-5-inspired hairstyles and outfits. Declared as the winner of the ‘Best in Hi-5 attire’ was the charming Sara Nicole “Nikki” Dumlao Copeland who received a complete set of Hi-5 action figures as her prize.

Entertaining, thrilling and stimulating...Angeli’s one-of-a-kind celebration definitely gets the guests’ high fives!

Special thanks to Imagine Digital Fotofun for the party photos.

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