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As Natureal as it gets

“As Natureal as it gets”
Sun.Star Davao, Sept. 14, 2019
Before the intensive campaign against single-use plastic even began, Alyssa Karin Pang was always conscious of the impact she makes to the environment since she was a kid.

“This advocacy is actually something very personal to me as my family is in the plastic manufacturing business,” shares Alyssa.

She believes that not one particular material, may it be plastic, glass or paper, is categorically better or worse than the other. “For any material, it really is the improper disposal and lack of recycling that poses the problem,” observes the Management of Applied Chemistry graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University.

That is why when she had a rebrand launch event for their family’s Natureal Juice recently, she emphasized how they want people to be more prudent on what they can do with the empty juice bottles.

“We encouraged our guests to be mindful of where they dispose of these bottles and how they can actually reuse these BPA-free bottles for countless different things by recycling and upcycling them. We also gave them time and supplies to create an upcycling project out of the Natureal bottles,” details Alyssa.

Natureal is a proudly Davao-made brand that makes fresh juices from “100% real fruit, never from concentrate, and with absolutely no artificial color or preservatives”. Starting with their bestselling Calamansi, they have also come up with Mango Fusion, Passion Fruit, and other seasonal flavors.

“The reason why we use PET plastic bottles for our juices is because we have this new process that extends the shelf life of our fresh fruit juices, without using any heat and thereby not altering its color, taste or nutritional content. This process is called High-Pressure Processing (HPP),” describes Alyssa.

She explained that “instead of using heat to process the juice to kill off any living microbes that may contribute to spoilage, HPP does so with extremely high pressure, 6x that of the deepest depth of the earth, the Marianas Trench.”

“This process is only possible with our plastic packaging. Because unlike glass or metal which would break or get crushed in this process, plastic is flexible enough to take that level of pressure. We want to be able to provide our customers with the best kind of juice we can offer for as long as it is possible. But as much as we want to extend our customers’ experience of our product, we also want to extend the lives of our bottles as well,” she reveals.

“And, to take a step even further, we also want to collect their Natureal bottles for recycling as well through drop-off points. For more than a decade now, our family has been using post-consumer plastics and turned these into durable plastic furniture called environment-friendly timber (EFT) products which include park benches, plant boxes, lounge chairs, and picnic tables.

Now that she is back in Davao after living in Manila for seven years, Alyssa finds working in the family business as a different kind of challenge with its pros and cons.

“I have a greater sense of responsibility and empathy for my job which allows me to go beyond my specific job description to be and do more for the company. It likewise requires a lot of initiative and follow-through. It’s definitely a challenge, but one with a sense of accomplishment once done,” Alyssa enthuses.

Special thanks to Jowe Posada and Ardent Productions for the photos.

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Davao Girl Scouts in UK and Korea camps

Davao girl scouts join UK and Korea int’l. camps
Sun.Star Davao, August 24, 2019

Davao Girl Scouts had their adventure of a lifetime when they recently joined international camps held separately in the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Outdoor living and camping have been fundamental to the programs of the Girl Scout movement as scouts gamely take on various activities and foster appreciation and responsibility for nature conservation. International camps also enhance world citizenship through interactions among participants from diverse backgrounds.

Senior and Cadet Girl Scouts Samantha Cuanan, Janna Reyes, Annie Pimentel, Ada Soriano, and Jian Lasala from Stella Maris Academy of Davao represented the Philippines along with Raya Tanzo, Divine De Villaluna and Claire Laru-an (Troop Leader) during the Charnwood 2019, the 9th International Scout and Guide Camp in Cattows Farm, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

A host of exhilarating events were rolled out by the organizers which included ATOMS Day, or the Sunday Challenge and onsite outdoor activities such as Escape Pods, Upsailing and Zipline. The scouts likewise did rock climbing, archery, axe throwing, crossbow and pistol shooting, quad bike trails (ATVs) and bungee trampoline. There were also tents for indoor activities such as the Arts and Crafts Tent, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Tent, Rotary Tent, and Fusion Tents.

The main feature of Charnwood 2019 was the International Tent which had exhibits and the International Challenge Badge activities focusing on the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

With the Davao group were other Philippine delegates Irish Stephanie Caoile, Rose-Mel Xiamane Dayoan, Krista Fe Andrea Toledo, Elianah Marie De Vera, Freida Mari Jumalon, Brisha Eryka Faye Recto, Holly Dei Syree Fundal, Angelica Marie Quiro, Jewel Irish Belascuain, Keisha Marie Quiña, Robina Balandra, and Cearlovey Granali. Acting as delegation head was May Morales with Annaliza Molleda and Fremsette Leah Nasareta as assistant delegation head and business manager, respectively.

This year’s camp had the theme “Connect! Grow! Impact for Peace!” and gathered 4,000 Girl Guides/Girl Scouts and non-member youths from Korea, with overseas guests from member organizations of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Through the years, international camps organized by the Girl Scouts of Korea have been much-raved about by scouts all over the world as they are consistently well-prepared and creative in coming up with daily course activities like “Robot Coding”, “Let’s Fly Paragliding”, “Orienteering and Tracking a Hike”, “Fire Safety Training”, “Marine Activity”, among others. In addition, the International Exhibit was an integral part of the camp and gave participants glimpses of the scouts’ different cultures.


One of the most unforgettable highlights was the “Military Experience” where the scouts had a field trip to barracks facilities, experienced military equipment and combat vehicles, and interacted with the Korean Army. This was a unique encounter that one could not experience as an ordinary tourist.

Like past international camps organized by the Girl Scouts of Korea, famous K-pop stars graced the opening ceremony and international night. This year’s impressive performers were no less than Korea’s most popular girl groups Red Velvet and Momoland, as well as solo artist Eric Nam.

Indeed, scouting has come a long way and has brought Filipino Girl Scouts to the global stage, bridging our own culture to the rest of the world. 

Special thanks to Jian Lasala, Ai Banzali, May Morales, Fremsette Nazareta, Irish Caoile, Brisha Recto, Holly Fundal, Jewel Belascuain, Cearlovey Granali for the camp photos.

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